top pair – get c/r after a flat on wettish boardt.. get it in?

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      Poker Stars $3.00+$0.30 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t2000/t4000 Blinds + t500 – 7 players
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      Ariguzblack (MP): t187226 M = 19.71
      niqsia (CO): t46989 M = 4.95
      LmLn123 (BTN): t113517 M = 11.95
      Sohae (SB): t153113 M = 16.12
      Kroko x (BB): t110837 M = 11.67
      angelcartuja (UTG): t26462 M = 2.79
      Hero (UTG+1): t113244 M = 11.92

      Pre Flop: (t9500) Hero is UTG+1 with Q :spade: 9 :spade:
      , Hero raises to t8000, , Sohae calls t6000, Kroko x calls t4000

      Flop: (t27500) 9 :heart: 7 :heart: 5 :diamond: (3 players)
      Sohae checks, Kroko x checks, Hero bets t10450, Sohae calls t10450, Kroko x raises to t28000, Hero

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      I fold here I guess. On that board the Villain is gonna have a lotta equity against your hand. All sets , straights and better 9’s have u beat already. Even if the villain had a flush draw with an overcard, he has 47% equity against you, so obviously the combo draws have more…I will Pass this spot.I dunno how it changes in a $3 tourney.

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      fold…seems like villein may have a 9 with better kicker like samohh said or an over pair…imo i would have folded it preflop (given i have read on sum1 of d players)… ur utg+1…not a good spot to play that kinda hand (basically rag)

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      Arjun Parmar

      i would like to play this hand in LP and i would fold pre from UTG+1

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      Arjun, these fold pre comments get old….and here its wrong, just open and stop being such a nit!! Not opening this is bad.

      Vinay, very easy fold OTF.

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      yeah sigh folded..

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      so what did opponent had ? over-pair i guess …..with those stack sizes these type of hand are a must play… folding pre is very bad…

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      Arjun Parmar

      @ prabhat: roger that… but i have written that cuz thats what i would have done there… Q9s is a marginal hand and can be better played in LP imo… i dont think folding Q9s i being nitty there but still will try it the next time i have that hand from EP… 🙂

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      Dude…the point of this program is to use our brains beyond just looking at our two cards. Once antes are on we are stealing here and Q9s is not marginal, it plays very well. And yes it is more +EV from late position, but its still +EV from early position.

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      Arjun Parmar

      roger that prabhat will surely use ur advice and try and take this line the next time i come across Q9s… 🙂

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