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      Game: $1-$2 $40 buy-in: 9 players
      3rd hand –new table

      The 1st player under the gun made a raise to $8(his stack was around $40). Everyone folded to me. I was in middle position with the JJ and re-raised to $16(My stack was $50). Everyone folded to the raiser who called my raise. There were only 2 players going onto the Flop

      The flop was rainbow K rag rag: the “under the gun player” went all in and the action was on me.
      There was $35 in the pot and the all-in bet was $24. The pot was offering me was around 30%
      Since there was a K on the flop I was hesitant to call: but since he had made a raise pre-flop I put him on a range including an underpair….as he only called my re-raise. There were far too many hands in his range that I could beat. I was either way ahead or way behind(If he had AK or an overpair to my JJ). But being that we only played 3 hands there was no way for me to determine his style of play.
      I asked for time then called. Fortunately the UTG playerwas trying to steal the hand with his TT after having seen the K on the flop and my JJ held up.

      How would you have played this hand?

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      I like the way u played the hand, JJ is pretty strong hand and 3 betting pre is good, especially when u r just 25bbs deep, its best to get him as committed pre flop as possible. When he open shoves on just one over card K high board, its very likely he is making a move and trying to represent a King. Ofcourse there are some K in his pre flop flatting range like AK, KQss and maybe KJss and KTss but beside that I dont think he is flatting any other K after u 3 bet him pre, where as he cud be shoving all his other flatting hands on this flop here as bluffs (like underpairs 88 77 66 etc).

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      Anil George

      I dont agree with intervention, When your 20bb deep you cant MINraise to 8bb,
      THis way your stuck in the pot by odds and you cant fold after the flop anymore.
      So Its better to shove preflop with just 20bb effective stack as a 3bet.

      Intevantion is saying your 25bb deeps but you should alway take the lowest chipcount in a headsup situation to see what your effective stack is. In this case its just 20bb because villean hasnt got more then 20bb (you cant loose/win more than 20bb so thats why your effective stack is just 20bb)

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      It can be argued as a good play or bad, as it entirely depends on your viewpoint.

      It played out well .. given the board, amount in the pot preflop .. I would say the flop call is an insta call since only there only one overcard and he is going to continuation bet the flop regardless (since he knows it is likely you both missed)

      I don’t necessarily like the swelling of the pot preflop since you admit you have no clue of his play/likely holdings. He could easily have had the AK or any suited K as well as AA KK QQ or a pair which matched the “blanks” … It is a hand that could have swung either way and I suspect you know that, since you said “fortunately he had 10-10” and I believe you only called since you were pot committed otherwise you would not have taken so long. An ALLIN move was probably better since he may have folded marginal hands like KQ, KJ and smaller pairs that may have connected. And if you ran into either AA KK or QQ then that is just tough … but it is only an opinion ..

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      I push here, then I go find another game. Playing that short of stacks is maddening. most plays before the flop will/should result in a push pf, if a 3 bet is in order.

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      In a shallow stack game its a all in does not matter what the flop is. If you were 200BB deep situation would be different.
      Usually when there is one over card to your pocket its ok to call off on the flop since half ur stack is already there in the middle. In this case not knowing which suits of JJ u had post flop it was a coin flip assuming the UTG raised with top 10%.

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      Just shove pre. Easy solution, nice hand

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