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      Sujith Raj

      my game has been plo n hi/o but since the final table payout isn’t worth the hours put in (for tourney) im slowly transitioning to hold ’em.
      hold ’em games played in 2011 = 117 , ITM = 31 times, means 26% of times i have bubbled. roi is -25% (yet to profit)

      now i donno whether 26% ITM is good or bad and i believe its so only coz of very conservative play from my part which brings up 2 scenarios to my mind – which may be a big leak – hence the thread for advice

      Scenario 1 – sunday storm $11 (400K guaranteed)
      i have been moved to a new table hence dont have much info on these players
      blinds 200/400
      Im in the button with AK offsuit , 31,000 chips
      UTG goes all in for 14,000chips 35BB
      CO goes re-raises all in for 19,000 chips 47BB
      I folded – my reasoning being , UTG early position atleast JJ or above , CO if he thinks UTG must be strong he shud have atleast JJ/QQ/AK to re-raise so its a coin flip or a split spot so not worth all those chips.

      is the fold a big leak or is my reasoning fair ??

      Scenario 2 – Same tourney
      blinds 3500/7000
      im UTG+2 – with a pair of eights , 88, and 52,000 chips (7.4 BB)

      CO – 110,000 chips (15BB)
      Button – 230,000 chips (33BB)

      if i min/3x the bb , there were some high chip stacks late to act, they might call me so cant allow that chance for them to hit.
      its either fold or push
      i went all in
      CO pushed all in – had AK offsuit
      Button went all in with A7 suited (cant understand his play)

      should I have waited for a better spot or is the push reasonable ?


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      Jake Witcher


      First hand at new table and no info, its a harder call as you are missing info that would open up other players ranges. I see no ‘need’ to play that hand in that spot, (plenty of chips, long way from money) whilst you could be in nice shape its a marginal spot and as such perhaps you can shy away from that. its a very different evaluation process if you have been at the table a while.
      I would say the early overbet shove is abit strange and the reshove behind does look very AQ / AK ish to me. so its by no means you behind. (my first impression was a tilting person in early raising with silly (AT?) and someone isolating him with AQ or better (but not AA / KK) behind. however without experience of the table i would have no basis for that other than a gut feeling).

      second hand: what are you waiting for exactly ? lets bear in mind you want the call here (you need chips) and whilst most calling will be over cards, something about broomcorns uncle !. The only other consideration would be IF you SB and BB players were ultra tight and it was a free steal from them, then you could argue that since the round is free you can wait,, but thats a rare spot.
      and yes youre right, pretty much no point playign this cute and 3xBB raising,, just shove.

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      Sujith Raj

      WOW , jake – too good bro !

      scenario -1
      tht’s exactly what they had – UTG had AQ suited and CO had AJ offsuit
      J on the turn, K on the river – i almost threw up , i thought atleast the CO wud have JJ/QQ/AK

      Scenario -2
      the only other thing that i cud have done is to be a pussy and wait wait…..possibly let more of them drop out and eventually go home with $15-20 etc (there was an A on the flop and i didnt better)

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      Just played a MTT (6 handed tables) and was 2 players to bust from cash .. sat about 16th/42 and 40 paid … Had abt 30,000 chips on the BTN with Ad Kd and been at table a while blinds are 800/1600 so had about 20 x BB .. UTG shoved allin 29,500 and i put him on a weaker Ace … (now I can either call and make enough chips to get on the final table and attempt to win it .. or fold and wait to cash) …

      If I have decided my AK is in good shape and has a weaker ace with a Q J 10 or worse and just trying to “steal the blinds” .. should I call and attempt to double up there or should I fold and wait to bubble breaks before gambling ???

      Of course I called … and the obligatory 10 appeared on the flop to give him the pot and leave me without a pot to piss in …

      I then busted before cashing … only saver was I had a side bet that I would last longer than my mate …

      Logically I should just fold, cash and gamble later … but I find it really hard when I know they are it and sickens me …

      Worse was the previous night .. raised with 10 9 suited and called a reraise to see a flop 10 7 4 … reraiser was 1st to go and just shoved allin .. and I put him on under pair to 10 without hitting trips … so I called allin .. he shows 99 .. I think great call and watch in horror as K on the flop and then the case 9 on the river .. again I could have waited until bubble broke easily ,..

      If you are certain your hand is good … WTF are you supposed to do .. just fold because it puts you in danger ???

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      danger?? its obv the correct and most profitable play to get your chips in good… can’t be result oriented till the time your read is correct and you know you’re calling off with a better hand… pls continue to play well.. like your reads in both hands and backing your hands with the calls too.. wp sir just ul

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      AK, very well played, u have to call there, there is no way I am folding to the money in that spot, unless its a $10k bubble or more and not tell intervtion abt it coz he will murder me for it. Hand no:2 . Not much info to comment, If he open shoves on that board, i am sure he must be a short stack and I wonder how much Implied odds u have in this situation to peel pre flop with 9Tss.. HOwever post flop, well done..

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      Sujith Raj

      mumbai bro i feel like an absolute idiot that i started the thread with a post describing my reasoning in which i folded AK (i didnt have much tourney experience,was just starting out and plo ring games had made me gun shy).
      thats history now and if that same scenario presented itself to me again im going all in with AK/AQ ,even AJ if i have a read on opponents.
      bubble or no bubble play good poker and make +EV decisions again n again, eventually final 3 awaits u.

      bad beats:
      yesterday felt like system was detecting cards and presenting the other player with their needed ones.
      all towards bubble
      1) folded around im in sb with A4 suited(spades) go all in , bb with as much chips calls and shows 22 , 4 on the flop but runner runner diamonds give him flush and i bust.
      2) my KK against A3 – obvious
      3) my KK, other guy’s KK, sb’s 55 – 5 on the river
      4) my QQ against JTsuited – runner runner – he said wow thts a sick one
      5) my AA against 79 offsuit – 3 bet pot , made it 5x of that , yet 79 idiot calls, he hits 7 on flop, i go all in, he insta calls – obvious 9 on turn (and did i mention 79o was in button ?? O position baby position , 23 sooooted is gold in button, dont ever fold)
      6) THIS ONE MY FAV : I was 2/9 left
      NL Omaha hi/lo 7$ 18 man SNG – i have A356 double suited and villain AAJ7 – raise-re-raise-allin
      flop 335
      turn 6
      river yeah an A (1 outer) and i cudnt even split the pot.
      7) and 3 or 4 more cant even recollect.

      new day, new opportunities, hope no new bad beats and as they say VAMOOOOOOO 🙂

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      Sujith Raj

      bit off topic

      started reading blogs recently and samohhh, should say love intervntion quotes or shud i say words of wisdom :p
      awaiting more one liners

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      Poker Guru

      @Samoh : When you blogging next?

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