Tourney play – common spots – Questions – please give answer with reasons

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      Sujith Raj

      I prefer one of the pro players out there will help me out. If you don’t want to reveal your play, I understand you guys play live a lot too, please mail the answers to me at [email protected]

      Consider Tournies with 3000 players or more (additional info – regular tourney not turbo and players I ‘ve seen are pushing with good hands)

      Phase – Late in Tourney – 50 players left

      1)a. you are in CO or button with medium pair 66-99
      there has been a raise all in and re-raise all in infront of u , 2 or 3 players left to act – it will take 1/3rd of ur chips to call the all in – go all in or fold ?
      b. If you are in sb/bb – I’m assuming it’s a default all in.

      Phase – Late in Tourney – 20 players left

      2) you are in BB with Ax, x= 2-5, below average chipstack
      button one of the top 5 chipleaders does the usual 2x bb raise, sb folds. you pretty much know he doesnt have an Ace, possibly jq,kj,kt – 57% vs 42% – would you fold here and wait for a better spot to push or push here itself(but its a guaranteed call here)?.

      Phase – Middle to Late in Tourney
      3) you in CO or LP with say AJ/AT, raise all in and re-raise (chip leader) infront of u, wud take 1/3 of ur chip stack to call the re-raise from chip leader. No point he might bluff the flop, wud u push ur AJ here or fold?

      4)Happens always – ways to deal ?
      you are in middle position with AK/AQ/AJ against an EP limper or 2x-3x raiser.
      flop comes, you miss everything, possible modes of play:

      a)checks to u, u bet the flop, he calls (if u check here, turn he wud bet – u can do a turn raise and if it gets called either bluff the river or check it down depending on the feel)
      b)he bets the flop – raise there or float if he doesnt show strength on turn?
      If he does indeed have a medium pair and he might well call you down is it worth risking atleast 1/2 of ur chips?
      c)AND, how to deal with AK/AQ/AJ when we are in EP – continuation bet and possibly triple barrel or check-raise ?

      If I get a response, I would either fill this space or mail to pro players regularly on difficult spots I have been in and possible scenarios/loop holes for them.

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