TT get 4b by 24/17/14(3b) villain.. gii range?

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      Poker Stars $8.00+$0.80 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t150/t300 Blinds + t40 – 9 players
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      L4zyGuy (BB): t4952 M = 6.11
      Manchius (UTG): t4230 M = 5.22
      Giani Capat (UTG+1): t2558 M = 3.16
      Hairless Cat (UTG+2): t4404 M = 5.44
      pokerbynorbi (MP1): t5847 M = 7.22
      Hero (MP2): t11125 M = 13.73
      mike77melb (CO): t13355 M = 16.49
      Rajko32 (BTN): t8568 M = 10.58
      Rittberg (SB): t5774 M = 7.13

      Pre Flop: (t810) Hero is MP2 with T T
      , pokerbynorbi raises to t660, Hero raises to t1499, mike77melb raises to t3000, ,

      Hero: what would be our gii range here?

      our image: active.. have 3b original opener 3rd time..

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      If this is the 3rd time that you have 3b the opponent, I would be happy to get it in with TT.

      GII range is interesting: I am getting in 99+ AQs+ AKo+ Might be spewy 😀

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      i would be nitty here…. fold is good option for me….. my range would be JJ+,AK only to shove this…. TT is v close but we still have 30+bb to play ….

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      Arjun Parmar

      actually i would have played it depending on what the initial raiser “pokerbynorbi” does if he calls/shoves/5bets i fold… if he folds i would shove there

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      Arjun Parmar

      also please give your thoughts on flatting the 4bet? is it an option with 45bb…

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      shove… order to go deep in tourny’s u need to get lucky in these spot….

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