Undeniably one of the most unusual rulings

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      Arpit Jain

      Event #61 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event WSOP,2012
      Day 4

      One of the most bizarre rulings happened at this year’s WSOP main event.
      Andras Koroknai moves allin, then mucks!!

      Hand Description:
      UTG raises to 60k, folds to SB who raises all in (2.1m roughly), BB folds and SB mucks before UTG acts
      SB apparently did not know UTG was in the hand and SB intentions were to put the short stack BB all in.

      Gaelle Baumann had min-raised from early position and the action folded to Koroknai in the small blind. Koroknai holding pocket kings moves all in for about 2 million. Gavin Smith folded from the big blind, and thinking that the action was completed, Koroknai mucked his hand.
      As soon as he realized his mistake, he tried taking his cards back but could only take one of them. A floorperson was called to the table, and the dealer explained what had happened. Tournament Director Dennis Jones was called over to make to make the ruling. After a moment of thought, Jones informed that Andras would only have to pay off the original bet of $60,000 and could keep the rest of his chips, even though he mucked and his cards were not retrievable.

      Baumann was also confused with the ruling, so Jones called Vice President of the World Series of Poker : Jack Effel. After a two-minute conversation, Jones hung up, and announced to the table that the original ruling would stand.
      “You’re not losing your tournament life,” Jones told Koroknai.

      In Jones’ explanation to the table, he cited the “integrity of the tournament” as the major factor in the decision.

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