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      $2.20 tourney on Stars…arnd 4500 players.This hand happened after about 5 hrs of play when I had abt 140,000 chips and was above average. Blinds 1k-2k w 200 ante .I was on the button and the hand was folded to me. I made a std raise abt 2.5 times the big blind with Qs-10s. SB folds and BB makes the call. He has me covered.
      Flop : Js Ks 7d
      BB checks. I make a smallish bet hoping to get re-raised. He re raises me and i go all-in. He snap calls and shows pocket jacks for a flopped set.
      Turn : 9c . I make a straight.
      River : 9d . He makes a full house and i m busted around 80th position.
      Could I have done anything else in this hand . Was there a way i couldnt have gone bust…

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      Aditya Sushant

      Honestly, these kind of things arent even worth asking. U flopped a royal flush draw..if u dont play this hand then wat else are u waiting for?? lol

      P.S. Of course u culd hav avoided going bust by just folding pre :p

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      well ya i could have…but when the action is folded to u and u r on the button u cant resist folding a decent looking hand like Q-10s.

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      Like adi said there aint any other way of playing this hand… you have a monster draw with an easy 15 outs…. which is like insane…. Its an easy shove… Now having said that lets look at another scenario.. A dear friend said to me once that tourneys are like your life, you might feel like you are in excellent spots equity wise however, you need to decide if u need to commit yourself there or wait for a better spot later.. You said u were in the 5th hour, so lemme assume you were pretty deep….

      Now I will give you the same example my friend gave me…. When you roll a dice , your chance of hitting a 6 is 5:1. Now if I say , I will give you 2000 to 1 on your money if you hit the six, would you take that chance, of course yes. Those are great odds.. However, if I say, that you need to put your entire life at stake.. You know, everything you have, you car, your house, your job, basically your entire life on it, would you still take it??? I dont think so… Similarly for tourneys.. You might be in great equity spots, however if you think you can use the rest of your stack to finish deeper in a tourney, you could fold here too…. Let me Reiterate that the call was correct, you had a monster draw. I was just giving you another way to think when it comes to tourneys…

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      Aditya Sushant

      I wuld take u up on that putting everything at stake samohhh. however, i wuld piece myself out in many spots :p

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      hahahaha…. But Adi, dont you think it can be correct. If i talk about you as the player, I would strongly reccommend letting it go coz you have an edge over the field skill wise….

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      Aditya Sushant

      letting the Q-10s go in this spot? I get wat u mean but I wuld never ever fold this. Even if I knew he had a set, I still wouldn’t fold. Maybe the only time I might consider is if there’s some huge ICM consideration, a big pay jump, etc. Even then I dont know if I’d ever be able to get myself to fold this hand. lol

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      Yeah true… Its a very tough spot to let go off this hand.. Probably I wouldnt let go off it either… Just a thought..

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      @samohhh: well thats what i thought after gettin busted but while the hand is being played u just cant resist putting ur chips in with such a hand..if i had won that hand i would have been close to the chip lead and my passage to the final table would have been a lot easier…

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