US market and the FBI

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      Jake Witcher

      now i suggest those that care about this read the articles in red on under the heading ‘Blackfriday’

      at the moment this looks like a storm in a tea cup BUT !, it could go wrong,, an interestign situation to monitor.. for those that make a quick appraisal and see doom and gloom, may i siggest waiting and seeing how this plays out.


      as relates to the guy who sang like a canary in jail.. wel the companys knew who he was and that he has in a ‘uncomfortable spot’ probably with a cell mate called Bubba who called him his cutsey boy and kept askign him to drop the soap !.

      now the sites who make millions and billions knew this so i cant see how they didnt come up with a plan or contigency

      the domain name seizure ISNT what it seems,, as IF the domain isnt doing anythign wrong then it wont be shut down,, indeeed as figures from show the effect HASNT been relative to the 60% or more (but not less) market share that is US dominated. (see fulltilts relatively consistent graph).

      however this IS spreading and its to do with the payment procesors and NOT the site,, stars may be down 25% on this time last week and thats worrying, but this ONLY should affect US customers, WITH a possibility of affectign those that have loged in from the US (Intervention please cover your ass!) or whilst in the Us on holiday as the sites may be over sensitive and block those incase it may be US customer..

      anyone worried or concerned i would advise withdrawing for safety and you can always put the money back on later if you need to,, but stay safe rather than risk it.

      for the moment I as (in relation to this subject matter) woudl take a watchign brief and cover my liabilities. but i dotn think we will know the full facts for a few days and there is ALOT of bull and nonsensicle reports coming out of the rumor mills at the moment.

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      i think its no point to cash out from all websites right now…since ur cash will remain pending…all websites are flooded with cash withdrawal requests..
      in my opinion …..its good time to play in all guarantee tournaments..since they will never get filled up..if US players are not playing…

      I was playing poker tournaments since last 7-8 hours….and found mostly guarantee tourneys are not filled up to limit…

      will be playing in sunday millions and all major weekend tourneys….

      i am also worried..since was planing to go for supernova this year on Pokerstars… already half way mark….if pokerstars shuts down ..i wonder what will happen to 54K VPP i manged to earn till now…..and all that amount of time..i have put to get till here…so figures crossed…
      lets c what happens..

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      good doznt affect players outside the its business as usual for us guys. nothing to be worried about

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      Rajat Agarwal

      @donkab0mber: Yes Pokerstars has issued a disclaimer on its client for all players. So only players in the US are affected. Wow looks like an exciting Sunday tomorrow for Indian PLayers. I am curious to see if the Sunday Million has an overlay tomorrow. Wud`nt that be a first 😉

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      Jake Witcher

      the issues arise for people not only based in the US but also ones that ‘stars / tilt / UB or any other american facing site think may have been based in the US so anyone who has logged in from a US location can potentially be affected. It is unlikely a holiday maker or tourist may have an issue but for those concered i advise safety first.

      there ha been no talk of funds being seized or even attempted to be such. the problem is with the payment processors and not the site.. the site is bound contractually to behave properly according to its contracts with the banks and CC companys.

      you also have to bear in mind that this UIGEA and similar has never been tested in court and as such i would expect to see this come to court soon.

      as regards the overlays,, bear in mind the sites can simply remove the garantees. i find it doubtful they will as they are likely to go to the old ‘hey look at our overlays’ marketing route in the short term.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      @Jake: Agree that the rooms can withdraw the Guarantees but it would just work against them by doing that. As I see it the Grnt`s will remain the same for at least this weekend. Well might as well make the most while it lasts 😉

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      Jake Witcher

      agreed Rajat, i find it doubtful they will drop them in the short term but if this drags on they may have to depending on how next weekend goes, this one obv is prob overlay city, but be interesting to see what they do netx weekend or the weeknd after. the smaller sites may have to drop them or reduce them but not sure about stars and tilt..

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      More than 3 billion USD of 75 accounts have been blocked…that amount of money is enough to get any company bankrupt..
      pokerstars have moved to europe…. so no problems with PS now…I just dont get it..

      Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Washington Mutual, Countrywide can all get away with STEALING untold wealth in the US but a bunch of people in a ring poker game are criminals???

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      Real money play at PokerStars is no longer available to US players. For all customers outside the US, service is uninterrupted.

      Latest news update by Pokerstars.

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      Jake Witcher

      couple of points.

      numbers for this years WSOP will be down on last year, for anyone taking the spreads !, also value bet is Euro winner of Main event.
      Pokerstars have almost always been europe based as their head office is in the Isle of Mann so nothing has changed there, as it goes full tilts HO is also based there (abotu 3 miles from the PS HO). funds held there and in the UK baking systemare not affected and i woudl be surprised if the ‘feds’ can touch them. this also goes for the people named who may be resident in the UK at this time and so facing trial is a much longer process.

      Once again, this relates to bank accounts and banking procedures used by the sites for american business, and not player accounts.

      Noone should be under any doubt how serious this is, however those US customers who have set themselves up with non US banking systems should quiet quickly be able to find a way round this, given that stars have a VERY large US player base BUT the numbers havent dropped by the amount they should have seems to indicate this isnt the end of the story yet and the comign days will reveal much more.

      Those people wanting real and acurate updates on this please visit and read the articles linked on the right saide of the home page.

      But given some knowledge on this subject i deffinitely recomend those players who have money on either Pokerstars, Fulltilt, Ultimatebet and Absolute poker to proceed with caution and not leave to much in.. also those players with BODOG accounts should also be cautious with their funds out, given that Bodog is stil operating int he US market and as such is waiting til they get filled on.

      As to how long the US market will remain offline, this is unclear. Party and 888 and some others have current and unaffected deals in pace in the US with land based operators (Party with Ceasars and therfore Harrahs). I would be very surprised if we are looking at a blackout in the US greater than 12 months.

      Remeber poekrstars and fulltitls main servers, HO, primary banka accounts are all UK based and as long as those banks arent under or affected by US law directly those funds should be safe.

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      Jake Witcher

      Just to put this in perspective, answer me this……

      anyone able to log into fulltilt ?

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      Jake Witcher

      most guarantees dropped at stars,, they aint taking no chances.

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      damn this sucks…i m moving to US after a couple of months…now where will i play???

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      PokerStars cash outs are now available, Finally the Americans see some sigh of relief less than two weeks after the United States indicted the operators of the three largest poker rooms companies catering to U.S players, PokerStars has already arranged for american customers to retrieve their funds. every one was concerned that can the Americans retrieve their funds or they cant, but finally PokerStars and FullTilt reached the deals with Department of justice which returned their domain names and allowed American customers of PokerStars to retrieve their funds and anything which is below $1 PokerStars is considering donating the contents of all those accounts to charity. Though FullTilt is till not allowing cash outs and there is currently no word on potential cash outs on Absolute and UB for american players.

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