Viktor "Isildur1" Blom wins Superstar Showdown

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      The SuperStar Showdown on PokerStars between Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Alexander “Kanu7” Millar just ended. After losing the previous match against Ike “philivey2694” Haxton by a small margin, Blom redeemed himself today, by coming out as a $37,687 winner of the 2500 hands of $100/200 No Limit Hold ’em Heads Up battle against Millar.

      Earlier this week the two combatants actually played a pre showdown warm up session, same site, same stakes, where Millar won over $200K.

      In today’s battle however, after some swings in both directions Blom took an early lead, after about 200 hands he was ahead by $80K, but as you all know by now, in aggressive no limit heads up poker, between two talented players, the money more often than not, travels in both directions and fast. By the 500th Millar was ahead by $20K. This kept on going. Millar had the lead four times, the last time he had it was also the biggest, a $60K lead after about 1400 hands.

      Blom on the other hand, was obviously also up the same amount of times during the match, but for bigger amounts and longer periods. He peaked at $150K after about 2000 hands, but at the end of the confrontation Millar made a great comeback, but by then it was too late, since the number of hands ran out.

      In the biggest hand of the match, Blom makes some unbelievable calls, if Millar actually had a hand here, the calls would look terrible on the surface. Millar makes a great attempt to bluff on the river, if Blom’s card were face up, he would probably bet the very same amount. My point is, this hand probably involves thinking on so many levels from both sides and is far, far beyond my understanding.

      Straight Flush vs Straight Flush, isn’t something that you see everyday, but here’s one. It sure is a cooler, but on boards like this, where you only need on card to make it, it’s far more likely. Then again, when they both rivered it, it’s heads up, reraised pot, a lot of money in the middle, there is no escaping the bottom end.

      With this latest match, Isildur1 now holds an impressive track record of 10 wins and 3 losses in the 13 matches that have been played.

      Here are the results from all the Superstars Showdowns:

      Isildur1 vs. Isaac Haxton ($50/$100 NLHE) -$41,701 over 2,500 hands

      vs. Tony G ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$44,280 over 2,500 hands

      vs. Daniel Cates ($50/$100 NLHE) +$51,196 over 2,500 hands

      vs. Eugene Katchalov ($50/$100 NLHE) + $111,750 over 2,500 hands

      vs. Attila Gulcsik ($5/$10 NLHE) +$5 over 2,500 hands

      vs. Daniel Negreanu ($50/$100 NLHE) +$150,000 over 1,439 hands

      vs. Daniel Negreanu ($50/$100 NLHE) -$26,500 over 2,500 hands

      vs. Scott Palmer ($50/$100 NLHE) +$61,362 over 5,000 hands

      vs. Mastermixus ($5/$10 NLHE) +$1,279 over 2,500 hands

      vs. Rui Cao ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$150,000 over 2,257 hands

      vs. Terje “Terken89” Augdal ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$150,000 over 1,566 hands

      vs. Isaac Haxton ($50/$100 NLHE) -$5,093 over 2,500 hands

      vs. Alexander “Kanu7” Millar ($100/$200 NLHE) +$37,687 over 2,500 hands

      Pokerstars is yet to announce when the next Superstar Showdown will take place. Hopefully there are more challengers lined up to take on the young Swede – Perhaps one of the previous challengers will want a re-match?

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