WCOOP 39 Live Report

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      Neil Kapoor

      Decided to play a $27 satellite for the WCOOP 39 when it had already started

      Always liked playing HORSE but haven’t played most of the games in quite a long time so not confident for a direct buy-in

      Won and seat and fighting the fatigue going on 5 hours now.

      At the break 20th of 120

      Action should get heavy with the bubble near and the blinds getting heavy.

      Let’s see if i can avoid falling asleep!

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      Neil Kapoor

      next break

      bubble broke
      although I was weakened in a few hands before the bubble
      41 of 73

      really really tired

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      Neil Kapoor

      out in 51st

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      Poker Guru

      Still on the lookout for a WCOOP bracelet from an Indian! Go Neil!!

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      i hardly know to play HORSE but its good to see an Indian playing HORSE and fighting for a bracelet actually its smart to play other formats of poker since the field is very less and the chance to win a bracelet is much higher!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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