What kind of a sane Poker Player take this call???

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      Worst call ever or is it something else? …

      Stack (Cash Game)
      SB (MYSELF) – 9500
      BB – 6500
      UTG – 35000
      Hijack – 4000
      Cutoff – 45000

      SB 100
      BB 200
      UTG Limps with 200
      Hijack Limps with 200
      Cutoff Limps with 200
      SB (Myself) I have QQ’s, and I know BB will raise as it happens every hand. I limp with 100.
      BB min raise to 400
      UTG calls
      Hijack calls
      Cutoff raises to 1800
      SB goes all in with 9500
      BB insta goes all in with 6500
      UTG (thinks for 5 minutes) just calls (keep in mind that cutoff is deepstack and the raiser, he may push him)
      Hijack Folds
      Cutoff thinks and folds – showing AKo

      10s Js Qs Qd Ah

      BB shows AA (Full House)
      SB shows QQ (Quads)
      (Cutoff if he called he would have a straight)

      Guess what the UTG shows:- Ks9s (Straight Flush)

      Unbelievable, but true ….

      My lingo may be wrong, but, I hope you guys can decipher the above. I was not upset to lose, but how can a person call with K9 … impossible … with the risk of being pushed all in …

      Lemme kw what u guys think ….

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      wat is thr to think..if i were u i wuld start licking my chops and reload for 50k or more if there was no cap :p

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      Hahahaha true dat yo!

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      Well I dunno what I shud have done … but, I did something, which was paisa vasool … I took out 10 crisp notes of 1000 each and threw it in the face and walked off never to play with idiots I have a doubts about …

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      I say best table to play…play top 10% cards forget position and go all in every hand….when u buy the Ferrari remember me and if u want to throw some money let me know i will give u my address.

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      Ok . bad result.

      1. Not everyone plays “correctly”
      2. Some like to gamble with “sooted cards” and have more money than sense.

      That’s poker; you have to take the rough with the smooth … but in the long run it should be a profitable game for you and certainly not one to walk away from.

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