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      Ok I found this interesting hand to discuss in titan poker fb page.

      How do you play this: You’re on the button in a 6-max $1/$2 game. With $200 and a pair of jacks you raise to $8. The loose-passive player in small blind calls and big blind folds. The flop comes J T 4 giving you a set. SB checks and you bet $12; he calls. The turn is a 3. SB checks and you bet $26; he calls. The river is a 9 and he bets $42.

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      It totally depends on knowing what kinda hands he thinks are good enough here, like is he the kinda player who would donk out a blocker with TPTK playing passively through the hand, or the kinda who would only do it with the nuts. There is just not enough reads to answer this correctly..

      reads like knowing what kinda hands he values would be crucial in making a decision between shoving and just calling. I would normally ship it back here.

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      I like the way hero played the hand. May be raise to $6 pre instead of $8.
      Flop bet is good.
      Turn is good.
      River you just call. He might have got there on river with some open ender, but he could raise two pair or any other hand. You cnt fold here. Its an easy call for you. He is betting $42 in a pot of $96. You are getting good odds to call here. So easy call.

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      think calling (rather than shoving) is fine here.. he is as you say passive.. he is river-donking almost half pot.. x/c would more often be his line for medium strength hands.. shoving will get value from J9, JT, T9, 44 and AJ.. (hands with lots of jacks and thus very few combos) ..

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      Yes calling here makes sense rather than shoving. Thanks guys for your advice.

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      I am sure raising or flatting, both are +EV. Which is more +EV is what we gotta figure out here!
      Given loose passive player, I think his range on river that we are beating is J9,T9,JT, 99 and sometimes AJ(lets say 50% of time) (doubt he will play TT and 44 so passively)
      These are 20 combos
      The range that is beating us is KQ – 16 combos. This means we win 55% of time at showdown.
      Since we win more number of times (55%) than we lose (45%), its always profitable to raise/shove (assuming he calls with all this range)

      Given these assumptions, finding EV is just a mathematical calculation anyways.
      Flatting will have a EV of $54.8. Shoving has EV of $66…

      Classic case of higher variance, higher EV!!!

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