which indian bank allows deposit to poker sites?

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      Hi everyone,
      I tried depositing into various poker sites but every time the request got declined. I guess many of you out there play online.. so please tell me how to go about it since i have also tried moneybookers, netteller etc but nothing seems to be working. kindly tell me if there is any bank which doesnt have any restriction on depositing into any poker site or neteller etc.


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      Neteller is the easiest way for me … get a neteller account and upload funds via ur bank (local bank transfer), hardly takes 2 days and then using ur neteller account fund ur poker sites..
      worked for me as simple as walk in the park .. cheers

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      Mohit Madaan

      I agree with chat2ash, it works just fine.

      Also, i used my Citi bank mastercard on pokerstars. It worked once but never again so not sure why. you might want to try that as well.

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      hey you can also use HDFC mastercard card if you have i have deposited couple of times on 888 through my debit card and had never faced this issue , if possible than just get a HDFC acc or else you can use Netteler as they have suggested.

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