Which online tools can be used???

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      Hey guys…I just wanted to know which tools should i use online which will help me improve my game…from hand analyzers to pot odds calculators,plz tell me which r the good ones…

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      Start using Poker stove for hand analysis. Pot odd calculator cant be used on most sites. Use poker tracker or hold em manager to track ur game and keep records.

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      thanks a lot saby…

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      Hey, Like Saby said these are excellent tools… I am a big fan of the Pokerstove for the fact that you can actually put your opponents on a Range and calculate equity…. Try poker tracker trial and see if u are ok with the hud AND STUFF…

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      I got PT3 free for playing in 888 but i feel HM is better…good part both can be had for free go to their website and see. Samohh be careful pokerstove gives chip equity but not $$ equity. So its not applicable in SNG and MTT equity decisions but its a great software to review ur play and put ur opponents on ranges

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      i have been using a software called a superhud and top shark…these software are build by poker pro labs… I only play heads Up sit n go..

      last year when i started using this tool… i was big looser….i had lost 63% of my sit n go at that time….then i started using this tool…this is one amazing tool…. since then i have been winning a lot…and as of now my statics are 68 % wins to 32% loss(out of HU 3035 sit n go).. i am not sure how good this works for 9 table and 6 table sit n gos and MTT ….But i am 101 % sure that this works amazing for HU…. try out with trail version

      anyways gud luck everyone

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      when i was playing poker a lot i used to play 10+ tables and any hud is not that great cos u don’t get time to see whats in there but if you play one table superhud and top shark are great tools.

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      go to warez-bb.org and get cracked holdem manager for free……no need to buy
      just make sure you download with a link that has a lot of replies and see if the replies are positive

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      Rajat Agarwal

      @psm_poker: and is it working fine??

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