Why is it hard for a part time player from India to make it big – Thoughts

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      Sujith Raj

      why an amateur/part time/leisure yet serious player who reads books, continously plugs his leaks,watches videos may not make a significant amount of money in comparison to the hours put in.

      1) with regard to MTTs/STTs we need to put in a massive volume to show up a respectable profit so as to move up in stakes.
      I read in a forum that, 20% profit with say 15-20% ITM is what a good player would eventually make in the long run.
      so lets say the buyin for the tourney is $2.20
      1000 tourney = 2000$ , profit = $400.

      If its for a grinder playing 6-10 hrs a day, he can play 30 of them in day , eventually 1000 in a month.

      2) cash games

      lets take 50NL Number of hands required to make 1000 a month at a winrate of

      2bb/100 = 100,000 .

      money won / BB = 2bb
      no of hands played / 100

      ———— = no of hands played = 100,000
      2 * 0.50

      if its a 2 month goal, 1700 hands in a day hopefully avoiding a downswing.

      My question for experienced players like intervention(aditya): Is the microstakes really beatable unless n until we mulitable atleast 12-15 ones day in day out?.


      As Aditya said take shots at bigger tournaments every now n then and try to hit a big score hopefully.

      Ideas – refutations welcome !

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      Its not the fact that u r from India, that has anything to do with this. Most people find it diff to build a BR playing micro stakes, it is impossible almost to build a BR just playing micro stakes. Its important to keep moving up in stakes and taking shots once in a while to build a BR, once u run good at higher stake and are able to build a roll for the next level, its important that u once again move up. Lot of people hv used this strategy and reached the highest levels, everyone starts pretty low but once u r beating those games u hv to move up to build a BR, incase of looking for steady and comfortable money though i wud suggest just staying at the stakes where u are a winner and not moving up, depends wat u r lookng to do.

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      Sujith Raj

      thanks for the reply intervention.

      I use to final table plo, plo hi/lo and came second twice or so in an avg MTT field but since buyin was low, once 1.10 & 2.20 the other time, the prizes that I won were 90 and 250 something (major cashes). thereon in I try playing a few higher buyins like 4.40/5.50 but i just cant hit a winning streak and bank roll will come down to 70-80 same process repeats (i play all variants of MTTs except 2-7 triple and badugi), im not whining about badbeats or coolers, may be variance, but somehow I can’t let go off the idea that – one can’t build up a BR and move up in stakes unless n until he is ready to put in volume and hence its tough for part time players.

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      Jake Witcher

      As Intervention says, one shouldnt think of this as country dependant on bankroll building. If anything you could argue that a newer country to the poker scene, one where the full impact of poker has yet to take hold may supply a better enviroment for building a bankroll as against a scene where the players are generally more experienced and tougher.

      Its very tough building at micro limits, and alot of the time its game selection. simply put, play where you make money. You may well enjoy playing certain games or formats but if you want to build then you have to go where the money is and that means where you are profitable.

      people often ask me whats a good enviroment to learn in. and i oft suggest looking at the $2.20 180 runner s’n’g on ‘stars.

      Also, if possible try not to think of winning streaks, as youre always interested in the average, a streak must theroetically be countered by an amount of losses (wether together or spread apart) that balances the streak to become an average. If youre making a consistent profit, its not a streak, youre a winning player.

      if i were to offer a suggestion, think of tournys your comfortable playing, ones that you can hold concentration all the way through and throw in the occiasional larger runner field at the same buy in to give yourself that shot at fame and riches !

      the other major thing that i encourage newer players to do. is keep records. either by paper or by some of these online trackign manager heads up display matrix breakdown analysis tools. this will allow you to break it down better when you come to analyse things.

      and above all, when trying to work out whats your next move or what was your last move that needs changing. BE HONEST WITH YORSELF

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      Well the problem is volume. Winning players at higher or lower stakes playing MTT/STT or cash put in a lot of volume thats how they learn and thats how they make money. Most cash grinders play 8 tables for 8 hrs (some play more tables) same with MTT or STT. I guess the volume is not possible for most of us with a regular job or studies is what stops us from building a bankroll.

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      Sujith Raj

      thats exactly my point saby. unless n until we are going to put in volume at micro/low stakes we are going to reach nowhere and we will remain a recreational small stakes player.

      suppose we are able to play 2-3 hour for say 800 hands, no one is playing to lose, and at our stakes there is no bluffing, donks are gonna call with their bottom pairs, back doors, gut shots and when they hit we will steam…

      ok, not on the first time, may be you can take another slap in the face, may be you can digest the third punch, but when **** happens the fourth time its tilt time… well if he can hit, y cant i hit my nutflush with 2 overs, there goes the roll boom- slowly yet steadly donk maggots will digest our flesh called “a poker dream”! (i know brm argument will come here)

      solution – brick n mortar on a weekend may be.


      intended at college goers, those who do a 9-5/9 and want to escape from it. and dont tell me you can keep a smiling face, a clear mind while talking to parents or friends after u bubble out for the nth time.

      aren’t u watching cricket – yes i am, and also venting !

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      Hey Soojy hope you win a few soon… yes we are talking the same thing about building a bankroll is tough with a job etc but thats the case all over the world rite…. however Adi has already posted somewhere cant remember where but i will repeat his wisdom here he he.

      1 Grind micro stakes STT or cash have 25 buy in and then take regular shots like 2-3 shots at tournaments to progress faster.

      Here are a few things that i find useful when building up ….Play 26 tables of 9 Max cash on PS for 2 hrs a day and be shit tight lets say play 88+ and AQs + you will be winning small. Use the points to play satellites the easy ones are the Sunday storm (1/4 mil previously) get tickets play big tourneys and try to score. Repeat this till you hit ur big pay day and can move up in stakes in STT or Cash

      It takes a lot of time but seriously though it looks like easy money poker is the hardest way to make a easy living. the above method is a example. If your good with PLO play that and satellite to a big PLO tourney and score. Best of luck mate you will do well i am sure you just need the one time

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      Sujith Raj

      thts right , one time saby one time !

      wishing u the very best too.

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      Bro i had my one time and blew it away now i need my second time he he….. GL bro play well and win or suck out and win but win.

      Thanks for the wished

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      Well the problem is volume. Winning players at higher or lower stakes playing MTT/STT or cash put in a lot of volume thats how they learn and thats how they make money. Most cash grinders play 8 tables for 8 hrs (some play more tables) same with MTT or STT. I guess the volume is not possible for most of us with a regular job or studies is what stops us from building a bankroll.

      Guys if your volume is limited .. best try to work it so that you play on Fri night Sat night on American sites or UK sites at their time … when there are more drunks playing cash and target those games if you can .. but the downside is you need to start your sessions at 4/5 am for UK etc etc … But you will find softer games.

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      In India you also have a very limited choice of “live tournaments” which are only geared up at getting the casino customers through the door. They are not operated for the poker player in mind and his experience of the game. In short they are merely “turbo” games aimed at getting as many out as quickly as possible to spend their cash on the house games or cash rake.

      Much is made of the “cost to the casino” and dealers but a £150 + £15 game in a UK casino is dealer dealt and that is only approx a 10,000 to 12,000 rupee event.

      Yet the structure is a 20,000 deepstack event .. compare that to the flagship IPC main event .. these tournaments are available all over the UK and I imagine the Rest of the World.

      It was said that players over here do not like playing live events for more than 7 hrs or ones that start earlier, so there was no point trying to cater for it, is that true ???

      I have never entered an event where I was not prepared to put in the time and regularly played events that started at 2pm on a Sat afternoon and finshed anytime after 4am … obviously with “food and water” breaks.

      below is typically weekend offering from the Alea in Glasgow

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