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      World Professional Poker Tour (WPPT) Goa India Tour

      Casino Carnival Goa and Clubs Card Room present the World Professional Poker Tour (WPPT) to India from 20 Feb 2012 thru 26 Feb 2012 – “WPPT Goa India Tour”.

      The Main Event, “WPPT Deep Stack” will be a 100K buy-in tourney with 50000 starting chips with 1 hour blind levels. Daily 2K Feeder2 Satellites will be held at Clubs Card Room from Dec 15 2011 onwards. Winners of these 10K Feeder2 Satellites will get entry into 10K Feeder1 Satellites which will be held every Saturday thereafter at Clubs Card Room. Winners of the 10K Feeder1 Satellites will get seats into the 100K Main Event.

      On the 26th of Feb 2012, there will be a “High Rollers 250K” buy-in tourney by Invitation Only.
      There will be other tourneys during the week – a 5K Freeze-Out (Rake Free) tourney on 20 Feb 2012 and a 15K Freeze-Out (6 max) on 21 Feb 2012. Satellites for the 100K Main Event will continue to be held on 20, 21, 22 & 23 Feb 2012.


      20/02/2012 Mega Satellite to Main Event 2pm Rs 10,000

      20/02/2012 Re-entry Mega satellite to Main Event 4pm Rs 10,000

      20/02/2012 WPPT 5 K Freeze-out (Rake Free) 6pm

      21/02/2012 Mega Satellite to Main Event 2pm Rs 10,000

      21/02/2012 Re-entry Mega Satellite to Main Event 4pm Rs 10,000

      21/02/2012 WPPT 15 K Freeze-out (6Max) 6pm

      22/02/2012 Mega Satellite to Main Event 2pm Rs 10,000

      22/02/2012 Re-entry Mega Satellite to Main Event 4pm Rs 10,000

      22/02/2012 WPPT Main Event Day 1A 6pm Rs 100,000

      23/02/2012 Mega satellite to Main Event 2pm Rs 10,000

      23/02/2012 Mega Satellite to main Event 4pm Rs 10,000

      23/02/2012 WPPT Main Event Day 1B 6pm Rs 100,000

      23/02/2012 Re-entry Mega Satellite to Main Event 8pm Rs 10,000

      24/02/2012 Last Chance Mega Satellite 2pm Rs 10,000
      to Main Event

      24/02/2012 Last Chance Mega Satellite 4pm Rs 10,000
      to Main Event
      24/02/2012 WPPT Main Event Day 2 6pm

      25/02/2012 WPPT Main Event day 3 6pm

      25/02/2012 WPPT 10 K Freeze-out unlimited 8pm
      Re-buy First Hour

      26/02/2012 WPPT 5 K Freeze-out (Rake Free) 2pm

      26/02/2012 WPPT Main Event Final Table 6pm

      26/02/2012 WPPT High Rollers (Invitation Only) 9pm Rs 250,000
      Freeze out

      For the First time in Goa, the event will be held in a themed enclosure (on the weather deck of Casino Carnival).
      Come join and be a part of another first for poker in India!
      Enjoy the Excitement!
      Details available at:

      Or Call Toll Free – 1-800-200-7200
      CELIZ – +91 9404909716

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      vishal nayak

      How many players are expected for this event??

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      We are expecting around 200 players….

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      vishal nayak

      How may international players would turn up?

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      Well the number keeps increasing everyday.To avail yourself of the details you can visit us on our international events page. Any further details you can contact Celiz :-9404909716, Toll Free No:- 1-800-200-7200, Email:[email protected]


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      Simon Mint

      How many female players would turn up?

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      Simon Mint

      becos im not gonna play unless minissha lamba is playing!!

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      Poker Guru

      According to a press release by WPPT organizers the WPPT Main Event has been postponed by a day.

      “For the convenience and as per the request of all our players, The WPPT ‘100K Main Event’ has been re-scheduled to Day 1A on today-23rd Feb ’2012 (Thursday) and Day 1B on the 24th Feb’2012 (Friday). This has been done with an expectation of a higher influx of players from Thursday onwards.

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      Vinod KK

      They did not get enough people???

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      Poker Guru

      The opening event at WPPT (Goa) got 8 players and currently 6 players are still alive. Day 1B is scheduled today.

      It has been a disappointing turn-out for the series.

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      Day 1B saw 4 players register. 9 players currently alive going into Day 2.

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