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Ftp ftw!

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-11-06 at 12:00 AM

A little delay in posting the weekly blog. I suffered a sort of writer’s block on Monday. Maybe cause I didn’t play much poker through the week. But FTP coming back online got my juices going. The excitement is palpable. I never played much on FTP when it was there. Though the first real money deposit I tried was on FTP but it somehow got rejected. Then went to Stars and it went through smoothly. Later got some free-roll money on FTP, I don’t recollect which one. Think it was some India based free-roll by some local organizer. Anyway at that point the software felt uncomfortable compared to Stars and didn’t bother to grind there much. Went there usually just to rail the famous nose bleeds.

But I have decided to transfer some money from Stars to FTP. Any transfer from Stars to FTP is taken as a first deposit and is eligible for the double up bonus upto 600$ which is ++EV. I mean both the companies are now essentially same. But depositing from one to other is getting us the bonus. Looks like a win win situation to me as I think they also need to balance the books as a lot of FTP money will be getting cashed out by players. I am starting to love the software as well. It has the same stability and ease of use of Stars but it’s like a new toy to play with:-)

Anyway, enough about FTP (not getting paid by them, hopefully someday though;-). Played a couple of MTT sessions last week. Sick beat deep in the Big 8.8 for a huge pot with 6k for first (hand posted in the BBV forum) and couple of other tourneys. One huge bink like that would really set me up. Hoping it comes sooner rather than late. Knock on wood. Tap Tap.

Enjoying the forums these days, as PGMP-2, though in its initial stage, it’s members are already putting some volumes and lots of hands being posted leading to some very interesting discussions. Keep posting them guys. It’s a very symbiotic way of learning.

Plan for the coming couple of weeks is to play some 6max cash (maybe some Rush) on FTP along with the MTT’s to get the bonus. MTT volume maybe low but will try to put in as much as possible. My screen name on FTP is same as that on Stars if anyone wants to look me up.

Till next week then..


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Vinay Suchede

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