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Getting out of my downswing and moving forward… excited for WCOOP!!!

Posted by zof on 2013-08-24 at 12:00 AM


Ok here I am…its like 7.30am I ve been up all night as usual…went out for a bit then played a session…

June was a pretty good month and in July I was hoping the rungood would continue…but alas it wasnt meant to be…so I had like my biggest downswing yet…. after binking a quick 1k to start things off in July…i proceeded to drop like almost 3k total…that may sound alot to some of u or it may sound like not too much…idk…but it certainly is a considerable sum for me who had been playing only micro and small stakes mtts up till recently for the most part…

Anyway, thankfully after the previous upswing I had enough of a roll to keep going… It all started with dropping like 1.5k or so in the euro sites Ive been playing on…but 1.5k aint that much when ur playing up to 50euro buyins i guess…then I decided I d try the 180s to make that $ back…always when I was running bad in the past I d move back to the 180s and recoup my losses… I ll always love 180s cause I think they r great bankroll builders…only bad thing is there is a ceiling to how much u can make in them….cant like become rich anytime soon from those…and its a big grind…day in day out…need to put in tons of volume in them…nature of the games…very high variance…thinner edges cause of all the regs multitabling mindlessly… Anyway i said I got a decent size roll I should grind like 3rebuys 8s and 15s…u know bink a 15 or 2…and get out of the mini downswing quickly…

I hadnt rlly played 15s or higher in the past though…and def wasnt ready mentally for the swings…like how much $ u got on stars cashier…and how much $ u feel comfortable playing with and risking are not always the same… I also tried to grind some 18mans too… Thas was pretty stupid of me overall especially the fact that i jumped in 15 and 30$ 18s without having done any study of the games lol… 18s are so different… play so much nittier… and all the icm concerns… very different overall from 180s that i was used to grinding… so in like 1 day i dropped another 1k$… def wasnt happy bout it lol…

Then I grinded 180s…couple turbo mtts…some other times played mtts on sites other than stars…for most part running horribly overall and being like 2.5k-3k down from my highest point.. Also u know July-August its too hot here in Greece… cant focus much on the grind… So I was demotivated and kinda lazy…

I decided to like try and grind hypers and saw im doing ok in them…obv need like tons of study still… but anyway i dno if its rungood or playing well… prob a mix of both… Been working harder on my game cause u know when u downswing u start questioning urself…and doing more and more reviews etc… both reviewing my own games/hands… and watching like 2-3 poker vids/day… Anyway, long story short, I ve made back most of my previous losses…. almost out of the downswing… and now feeling motivated again to grind more and more… and become a better poker player… If things keep going well, I m excited for wcoop. Havent played such a big series yet… will have to be careful not to spend too much in buyins cause i aint selling and got like 100% of my own action… But hopefully I ll be able to play most of the 215$ events and make something happen… Reach the big breakthrough I ve been waiting for!

Thats all for now. I hope its not too big of a rant…haha…gl at the tables boys[/SIZE]

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