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Goa Bound

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-10-29 at 12:00 AM

Getting ready for 3 weeks of tourney action in Goa, first up will be Aces Unlimited Series which is one series where I have had some kind of consistent results, I won the 5k rebuy in their inaugural event and have another win in their 5k turbo, this time I will try and better my 6th place finish in their main event which should be a good warm up for the APT which starts right after. APT promises to be the biggest poker event yet in India and I couldn’t be more focused for a good showing. Over the last yr my live game has come a long way and now I know all the regulars, plus have a better grip of what to expect from amateurs better than last yr in the Indian tournament circuit. This will be the time to step up and have a good run and represent PokerGuru. After APT is IPS champ of champs which will have a 25k buyin main, 25k buyin means a small field but good payouts and I will be doing my best to bring it home.

I have been under the weather, viral fever took a lot out of me and I was literally bed ridden for a long time, even on my birthday I couldn’t speak to many people or be active but instead passed out right after the diwali celebrations. Finally, I feel myself getting better and am excited for Goa to meet all my friends, Vivek Rajkumar considered one of the top pros (and my backer) will be coming down for APT and will be representing them for their first event in India. Pretty excited to spend some time with him and show him around, feel my game improves every time we meet and talk poker. He will also be playing some big cash games in Goa (think they might be arranging a 25 lac buyin during the APT) which should be super fun to rail. I know Bobe vented out about the big game after loosing his entire WGF winnings but I have personally assured Vivek of nothing fishy or remotely unethical going on in the Casino Royale poker room, if I had the slightest doubt on this I would have cautioned him but been in the industry for so long and having played in so many poker rooms, I have seen Craig running his room to upmost standards. One might argue that I don’t play high stake cash and hence might not be aware of the collusion and magic dealers, but I have spent sufficient time in CR and know most of the dealers there who are are in no way involved in any shady activity. As for their horses and jockeys colluding, thats kinda ridic since I know that only person staking people in these games very well and have nothing but respect for his game and ethical standards. I have been going to him for advice on cash game hands and can see how his advanced thinking has made him one of the most feared players in India, him and other high stake players are all really good players and are the reason why I feel I have some work to do before I can jump in these games and even though I feel Bobe is great player all around I would say he will be underdog whenever he sits in that line up. So there is nothing to worry about if you can take my word for it and hope everyone is making plans to come down for APT and play in the first international event in India.

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Aditya Agarwal

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