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Goa Calling

Posted by Nitish Gupta on 2012-03-24 at 12:00 AM

A big Hi to everyone and anyone reading this. So i finally make my debut here on PokerGuru.in amongst such fine players belonging to this community. Though i never planned this, but landing up here has been quite eventful and exciting. I guess poker is all that and control.
This was never on the cards, and being a hardcore online grinder, never did it struck me to play the game live and see faces that i would not normally get to see. So while surfing through PokerGuru.in, i came about this satellite for the PGT series, which at that instant did not catch my fancy, but then as i went scrolling down and read that the winner of the satellite gets a 30min session with the PGT mentors, i couldn’t help but grab this opportunity making my way to pocket the 8k ticket for the PokerGuru Tour. Well life has it’s funny ways with us, guess that was Goa calling.

Thus landed in Goa looking forward to an enriching experience. For a little warm up and for the feel of the live game play, i decided to play a live satellite, finishing off at the third place with 3k in cash and missing out on the seat. But nonetheless i was looking at the road ahead.
I had planned on playing the 5k tourney for the day, and just before that i had an awesome 30 min session with PGT mentors including Intervention and Samoh. This was my first experience in a real casino, “a real casino” was what i was telling myself as soon i stepped into one. That was some atmosphere, nothing can beat that, a playground for the grinders. Even though i have experienced a bit of highs playing online, this had to be the peak of experiences for me at that instant. Just felt excited and a bit small in that big place.
But i’ll take this opportunity to thank Samoh for making me feel at home, at ease an.d continously advising me on how to play,how to grind through. At the beginning of the tournament, i confronted myself saying, “I’ll play my natural game and will give 10sec to each decision i make”. All of this and Samoh made it quite easy for me, i was in for a good time i must say.

Unfortunately, my stack got cleared at 23rd position
when a lady min raised from mp @ 1600/800/100
A guy flat calls from, I get it in from BB with 23K stack with QQ
Only to see that the lady who min raised had AA
No help for me. but was overall happy with the way I played. For me enjoying the game is the key for a happy day at poker, and I do that every hour of the day I play. So after loosing out on this one I went on to see how Rajnish, my friend was doing. He was playing pretty well, leading with his stack at that time. Me and Samoh, we were railing him continuously and those 2hrs were the most exciting ones I’ve had in the past one year. Those two hours to me were worth more than the pot everyone was playing for. For me it was a learning curve, I was discussing my hands with Samoh, and he helped me point out the times when I could have done better. He was a definitely the star that guided me home that day. In the meantime, Rajnish kept the chips coming to him and soon he was amongst the top two fighting for final prize. Samoh started giving him some tips and as it turned out my friend Rajnish shipped the tourney with him. What a wonderful day at poker, it was definitely the place to be, I felt at home, thank you Samoh for leading my way where everyone else looked like an expensive portrait of arrogance.
To Be continued..

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Nitish Gupta

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