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GOT season so far…

Posted by Arjanveer Singh on 2019-05-05 at 11:49 AM

Hi guys, I’m back with a new blog. I want to write about some non-poker related topic this time. I am sure that you must be familiar with Game of Thrones. If you aren’t I don’t know which cave you live in. So here are some of my thoughts regarding the current season.

I am a huge fan of the show and have seen each and every episode and admire so many characters. But I have been so disappointed in the current season. I don’t know where the writers are getting their inspiration from. It’s looking more and more like a Bollywood movie with Arya Stark killing the Night King as every hero kills the villain in the end. I mean the night king is supposed to be the smartest and the strongest but gets outwitted so easily. Theon so easily saves her sister without anyone from iron islands or the golden company posing any trouble at all to him. I mean this is the same guy that jumped out of the ship when she got captured.

The first episode of the season was good overall with the build-up. Daenerys and Jon Snow enter Winterfell to a cold reception from the locals and Sansa, Jon reuniting with Bran and Arya, Sam getting the news of his family and the expressions he gives were just amazing and finally, him telling Jon Snow about his real parents everything was looking on the up and up.

It all went downhill from there. There was no backlash from the locals towards outsiders, no consequences for Jaime Lannister for killing the mad King and attempted killing of Bran, Theon is all of a sudden welcomed in Winterfell and so on. When did everyone become so forgiving? There were some good scenes though. Arya losing her virginity (Auffkourse) as it could have been her last night alive, Jaime making Brienne a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and ending the episode with Jon telling Daenerys his truth and Daenerys’s reaction is epic.

Finally comes the much-anticipated war between the dead and the living. this war was seven years in the making and direction in this episode was so amazing that I couldn’t even see half the things that were happening. It was so dark and with the Night King doing some of his trickery it was even harder to know what was going on the battle plan is chalked out and it takes just a couple of minutes for Daenerys to deviate from that go her own like a rogue Bollywood movie hero. Obviously Snow follows her blindly. everything that follows is all so blurry and don’t wanna discuss that. one thing to notice was how does Sam Tarly survive?? I mean he can’t even hold up a sword straight. to make things worse two people who saved him a couple of times ended up dead themselves, so finally when Jon sees Sam in trouble he just ignores it. another Bollywood moment was when Jon Snow is standing among 100s of newly woken wights and is fighting them off like a Salman Khan movie. After all this Jon is in front of the undead dragon Viserion who used his iced fire to break down the famous wall but is unable to penetrate the small walls of the corridors in Winterfell.

All in all, I am a little disappointed so far but hopeful that they will redeem themselves in the coming episodes. I am and always will remain a fan though no matter what!!!

P.S. – just wanted to throw a prediction out there. Daenerys to turn villain at the end as she really wants the throne to herself.

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Arjanveer Singh

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