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Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2013-09-20 at 12:00 AM

Aye yo

Been a while since I blogged and after getting my leg or hand twisted a little whichever way you look at it (metaphorically speaking of course because this guy gotz no shot vs me), I’ve decided to serve up some reading pleasure.

As the title of the blog suggests, I’m located in a big ass nice n’ neat grindhouse grinding away at the pokerz. Took a flight and came to aami Kolkata the 1st week of this month to make some $$ but for all intents and purposes, I’m here on a mission to blow what’s left of my bankroll before I try and scrape together some dough to head back home. It’s that time of the year. WCOOP season when the sun is shining nice and bright and birds are chirpin. Not for me however. I get to watch on as everybody and his mother seems to be winning penthouses and ferraris everyday. I got dem box seats to this show cept these tickets dont come cheap.
Sahil or antilog as he is known in some circles decided to take the plunge as well. He’s prolly busy snoring away right now as I’m typing this. I’m too lazy to move my broke ass off of this couch and go check though cause hey #BROKELIVING. Hash tags are so cool. Why couldn’t I have thought about something as innocuous as hash tags and made billions of it instead of working my butt 12 hrs a day and not even getting dem peanuts in return? I’m just kidding. #LIVINDALIFE.

Yea so as you might have inferred by now from the cheerio mood I’m in, we haven’t really been having the “days of our lives” results wise. We got an “intervntion” in our midst. Just no divine intervention yet. We even hung up a horseshoe in our grind room couple days ago. No kidding. A literal real horseshoe. I shipped a $2 turbo yesterday or maybe day before. Hard to keep track of time around here. So the horseshoe is definitely working its charm! 9th in the Big 55, f2t in Hot 33, f3t in Bigger 162, multiple other runs in Big 55, 109, etc. Add to these a couple of runs in the Coops cashing for some change after having played at least 20 of them. And my crowning moment so far is having shipped a $2 fruggin turbo. Oh how I love this horseshoe.
The other 2 “heroes” have been going hard at it too. I don’t wanna take all the limelight for myself. Sahil’s ft’d a miniftops to finish a glorious 9th. Ft’d Hot 33 and finished 5th. Adi the 54 turbo ko and finished like 5th or whatever, ft bubbled a few and had a bunch of deep runs too. Between the 3 of us, we’re prolly stuck like a nice sprawling house in Cuffe Parade or something. Who am I kidding here? With the $ where its at now and where it’s headed, it prolly wouldn’t even fetch an apt for rent in Thane. There should be a min age requirement on RBI governors. 60 and over just like all our politicians.

It’s not been all poker though. While I did come here dreaming of the finest champagne, I’ve not done too bad on that front. Lotsa beer always available and that’s a mighty fine substitute. No sun and sands as such but I gotta blame that on this city. Gets bright way too early and dark way too early as well. Managed to squeeze in a couple of nights out. Went to this hip joint called Peter Cat in what is prolly the poshest part of the city. Had some really nice steak, fries, the works. I must say I had envisioned this picture of Kolkata in my head b4 I came here and most of what Ive seen so far has turned out to be nothing like it. It’s just one big cramped up, noisy, dusty, traffic congested dump of a city for the most part. Sounds like I’m describing your city? Well everybody except Sahil. He’s from Bhuvaneshwar however that’s spelt and that’s just one big village. I guess Kolkata would be apt for a “Welcome to India” marketing campaign.
I kid. Kolkata is a pretty nice place. Nice weather. Prettier chicks than Chennai I guess. Haven’t had time to do too much bird watching. It has a real old world feel to it. Many places have prolly never been done up since like the 1800s I would guess when Subash Chandra Bose led the charge from here. I kinda wish I could hang back a bit longer after Coop just to witness the spectacle that is Durga Puja. I just found out there’s an ARR concert happening here on 1st or 2nd next month. Might try and squeeze that in. Settle for a much cheaper choice of entertainment before I set sail for home.

For u guys who love the cheap seats, be on the lookout for the show must go on. The rust might just come off the horseshoe. Also, Mr. Intervntion plans to play the 5.2k Wcoop Main fyi so keep ur Sunday the 29th free and make sure to sit back and relax. Hope u’ve had a pleasant 5 minutes and try and enjoy the show!



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Aditya Sushant

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