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High Roller Weekend – Part 1

Posted by ilovefls on 2012-07-31 at 12:00 AM

I have been thinking about writing a blog post for quite some time now but for various reasons never got around to doing it. What better time to do it than after a crazy, swingy weekend of live poker that culminated in me taking down the PGT High Roller event along with that sweet Tag Heuer watch!
The first event of PGT season 2 was my return to live tournament poker after a short break of about 3 months. I played pretty standard and solid and made one good call against Nitish when he shoved a shortish stack from the button when it came folded to him and I called him with A6ss. He clipped 2 pair with his 78o and I was down to 7-8 BB. When it came folded to me next time, I looked down at K6ss and put it in. Got called by Laveena who had AJ and I clipped the 6 to stay alive! The all important hand happened one minute before the 2nd break, blinds were at 300/600, it came folded to me again in hijack position and I had Kh8h. I thought that this would be a good spot to pick up the blinds as most people were already leaving the table for the break and I opened to 1300 with about 8500 chips behind. I got 2 callers, cutoff and small blind. Flop comes 5h 7h 8d – dream board for my hand! Small blind leads out for 3k and I shove, cutoff folds and SB asks for a count. After tanking for 2 minutes or so he makes the call and shows T8o. I was in good shape and all set to double up when the turn card decided otherwise and Tc showed up. I was still live to a K or a heart on the river but sadly it wasn’t to be and off we were.
The 12k bounty event was a similar story where I open shoved 16BB with AdKd from UTG at 300/600 blind levels. BB woke up with JJ and called, flop was pretty good for me with 2 diamonds and all low cards. Drawing to an A, K or diamond, I failed to hit either and was sent to the rail. After this I decided to head out and chill with a few friends at Adi’s place for a bit.
Around 2 am Lawrence and me headed back to the casino to grind the 100/200 cash game for what we though would be a few hours but in reality turned out to be a monster 19 hour session where both of us got stuck for big amounts and fortunately for me I happened to come out of that session with a small profit. We made our way straight back to the PGT main event which had already started and we entered as late registrations.
It was the 3rd level and blinds were at 150/300 and I had chipped up to about 18k from the initial stack of 15k. I opened AKo to 800 from UTG+1 and got 2 flatters before Laveena from the button made it 3100. It came back to me and my first instinct was to 3bet to about 7200 but then after pondering it over for about a minute I decided to flat (big mistake, as I would realize later!). The other 2 players got out of the way and we were off to see the flop. Flop came down K84 rainbow and now I decided to check-call. She fired out a bet of 4100 which I called. River was another brick and this time after I checked, she shoved all in and I of course called off thinking my AK should be good and she showed up with 88. I was gutted and made my way out of the casino as quickly as I could and went home and crashed as I hadn’t slept in more than 36 hours.
Next day I made my way back to CR around 11 am and spent then next 8 hours playing 100/200 cash games interspersed with 2 satellites to the High Roller tourney where I burned another 15k. I left around 7 pm to get some fresh air, something to eat and chill out with a few friends. I was unsure at this time if I would be playing the high roller event at all as I was still pretty gutted with how I misplayed my hand in the main event and I hadn’t run that good in the satellites as well.
I decided to come back with my friends to CR and take the decision to play or not after having a look at the field. We reached the poker room around 10 pm and the 2nd level was about to end at that time. There were 32 runners and 31 still in play and after 3 more registrations from my friends the count stood at 35. I thought about it for a while and took a round of the poker room and then fiddled around in my pocket, took out 5 of those white 10k cash game chips and off we were!

To be continued in the next blog…

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