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Intoduction to my Poker career..

Posted by Prabhakaran Senguttuvan on 2013-09-02 at 12:00 AM

Hi friends….

I am Prabhakaran working as an professor in an engineering college.. I am from Tamilnadu… Nowadays i am playing online poker on regular basis.. It has improved my skill and ability to withstand among top players.. Started to learn this game from last November and developed my online poker career in PokerStars by May 2013.. At first I started to lose some money and it all turned by July 8th that I placed 4th in $2.70 knockout tournament to bag some $630 in the field of 6000 players… After that its going smooth for me and need to do good bankroll management.. Up to now my learning process is going on to improve my skill and tactics..

On August 11th, I was playing in PokerGuru Online League tournament and entered into the last three with Amit ‘bblacklegend’ Jain and Aditya ‘Donka’ B0mber. Having lesser chips among them, put all-in with 77 against Amit Ji’s 66. It’s my bad luck to get a 6 on the flop and I got placed 3rd. After that I was reading their game for almost half an hour and started learning their skill of play. They are real legends…. It took almost 30 mins to decide the winner…

On Aug 25th, I won PGOL tournament to bag some $35 among 7 players… Now I am in 5th position in the club standings with 10.04 points with an average of 3.35 PPG..

And finally I need to finish in the top of the league within this year to bag PokerGuru Online champion 2013…

Thank you all….

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Prabhakaran Senguttuvan

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