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IPC and why it is Special…

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-04-06 at 12:00 AM

What do u do when u are stuck at an airport for 2 hours? You Blog.

So yeah, here I am waiting for my connecting flight to paradise city (the grass is green and the girls are pretty in Goa, aint it?) to play my second edition of IPC. IPC is a very special event for me for many reasons. It was my first ever live MTT and I had 2 deep finishes in my first event.Also, this time around there is something new.

The IPC crew has come up with changes in their event. The first event is the double bubble with 6k buy in. A new twist to the regular 5k tourney. This event awards the top 5 (usually the IPC 5k freezeout has 100+ participants) a seat in the 20k freezeout.

The second and the third events are the classic 10k and 20k buy in freeze out tourneys , with the 20k being the main event.

The 4th and I think the most exciting is the 12k headhunter bounty tourney with re-entry. This one is gonna be a sick tourney with 2k being awarded for every knockout and the gamblers in the house are gonna love it….

Overall, the changes look exciting and am sure its gonna be an action packed weekend in Goa….

Good luck to the IPC crew and everyone who is playing.

As always, check out the live coverage @www.pokerguru.in….

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Sangeeth Mohan

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