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Posted by indiapokerseries on 2011-05-11 at 12:00 AM

20/20 Cricket in India for 2011 is seeing newer colours with IPL 4. We first saw all teams get reshuffled specially the KKR team which chnaged all its members including its captain Saurav Ganguly popularly called “Dada”. The team which remained close to the bottom for 3 seaons is placed at 2nd place this season.

Dada who had no takers till now by any team suddenly saw Pune absorb him in place of Ishant Sharma. And to everyones surprise Dada scored a “match winning” 32 of 32 balls yesterday.

Earlier we had seen major controversy over many a teams with various scandals of promoters names and money (laundering). All teams made it the final list of participants ultimately.

Even before that we saw the mentor of IPL, Lalit Modi undergo the grilling and also disappear from the scene (forced to do so) and people said IPL wont be the same without him and lo !!, we see IPL be a major success.

Mumbai and KKR are front runners and next are CSK and Bangalore. Lets see which of these 4 make it to the final 4 and then to the final 2. My hunch says its KKR this time. Probably city loyalty speaking 🙂

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