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IPL kicks off with a stunning match and some online plays after that….

Posted by ADITYA AGARWAL on 2011-04-09 at 12:00 AM

Hey guys IPL starts with a perfect kind of match where you find all sort of things happening although my city KKR lost but nonetheless it was gud to see the leader of the men in blue continue with his winning streak……After the match i thought abt getting into the grinding mode and started playin online on FulTilt where i was 4 tabling…..
I started off with 25000$,10000$ and 2 of multi entries in 40000$ KO guarantee…… In one of the kO tourneys i ws like card dead and was not involved in much action and ended up having close to 20 BBs with blinds 60/120 …….Thn i get AK on big blind position nd utg makes it to 420 who happens to b the chipleader of the table and was playing aggressively…..everyone folds and action comes up to me and i go all in being sure that i will b atleast in a coin flip situation with utg calling and indeed it ws a coin flip situation whn he snap called with his !0s …..Board came 6 5 6 4 4 and here i again lose a coin flip situation which has been happening to me more than often :|……
In the second KO tourney also i was pretty much card dead and lost in a similar kind of coin flip situation with AQ vs 99s and the board came J J 2 8 7 ….
In 10000$ tourney it ws full of action and i kept on getting krazy hands like back to back queens on button and cutoff position and thn beatin aces with my 4s….again lost some coin flips which made my pretty gud stack to a less than avg stack …..so on my button when blinds were 60/120 with 15 ante i tried to steal the pot with Jd 9 …..i pot bet which i had been doing earlier with my gud hands and the big blind called me with 5d 8d and flop came Ad Kd 10d …..he checked so i bet half the pot size and he flat called……turn came 8h, he checked and i checked behind him to get a free card and river came Qs so board ws Ad kd 10d 8h Qs he went all in and i snap calling him only to see that he flopped a flush…..dunno whether i played it right or not but i m sure that he cannot call me with that kind of hand pre flop in that position….
any ways lastly in the 25000$ tourney i was just killing it with my stack way more than average and bullying the table with anything and everything until i got pocket Qs only to find some one having pocket Ks……i was on big blind position with blinds 120/240 ante 25 and i had close to 35 bbs…utg bets 600 the cut off and button flat calls ….thn i make it to 2545 everyone folds and button moves all in and i snap call him only to see the stupid play with pocket ks on button…..yeah i lost of course but limping from button with such a strong hand as Ks whn pot bettin has already been done is very sstupid and unjustified but i guess these stupid plays would only payoff me in the future ……
too much of writing …pheewwww…..so that is all for now as i am done with the writing nd planning to sleep to get up fresh and enjoy IPL matches today …… if any of u feel that the hands i discussed could be played better then feel free to comment ….till then signing offf….

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