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Job vs poker

Posted by Hardit on 2012-11-14 at 12:00 AM

We are done with 3 sessions of PGMP which had been kick ass. I mostly played turbo sngs for the last weeks or so as i find them really good value for the time one need to put into them. While juggling job , live cash games, PGMP and online game i find them to fit my need at the moment. tried most of the stuff i learned and was surprised to see all that in practice. Had a couple of deep runs too but nothing that i can brag about he he. I am trying to focus more on extracting value from my good hands these days. Previously i used to be more protect my hand kind of player. I guess i will have to wait and watch the result of this change over a long term but so far it has been decent.

Lately i have been thinking more on Job vs Poker than i used to, coz well its hard to fit both together and one is opportunity cost for the other. After a lot of thinking i have reached to a conclusion which i would like to post here using a poker situation. We all have been in one of those situations where we have a 15 outer and ideally we can call anything in that situation .. but if we face a bet which we cannot call every time we face similar spot then its no longer a 60-40 situation.. if we call just this once we dont know if this time its going to be 60 or 40 this time.. so job vs poker is the same situation for me where poker is my 15 outer but the bet i am facing to give it my complete focus is bigger than i can handle at the moment. so the conclusion is obvious i am going to play as much as i can and get my roll to a place where no bet seems too big to call.

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