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Just a month to go … I can’t wait!!!

Posted by Rajeev Kanjani on 2011-04-14 at 12:00 AM

Hello Folks,

We are just around a month away for our new series to kick off. 4 Seasons of Poker – Summer Edition.

We have been getting great feedback, and we are quite sure, that it will be a great start to a great series. Chalo, lets talk about the event and the tournaments.

Why 5 days? – Well, a poker lover can’t get enough – thats’ why. (If we see a need and a want, we may even increase it to a 7 day event, in the next edition)

Why Multi-Format? – Well, thats’ easy. Every1 else is doing Freeze-Outs, and we started organizing so that we can be different, and we prove it again and again. We promise that next time, there will be many more formats being introduced.

The 1st tournament which kicks of on the 18th of May is the 5K DeepStack Turbo + 1 Re-Entry, is the one I am really looking forward to. 10,000 Chips – WOW!!! The Re-Entry also is cool, in case I get busted on a Bad Beat, which happens very often. I think this is again a 1st, being introduced in India.

The 2nd tournament is the 10K Bounty + Bounty Max on the 19th of May, again a one of a kind tournament being played for the 1st time in India. Every1 can be a winner here, I dont even have to be on the Final table to get paid … I think thats’ cool.

The 3rd tournament, is every1’s favorite. 5K Double Rebuy + Addon on the 20th of May. This is 1 format, that either you love it or hate it. In my case, I love it. The pot is big. The action is aggressive. Now, what we have done, is that you don’t even have to lose any chip to buy a single or double rebuy. I don’t see any sense in losing 25 chips to buy a rebuy. Anyway, I am sure this tournament will be a big one.

The 4th tournament, needs no comments. 20K Freeze-Out (Main Event) on the 21st of May

The 5th tournament, my personal favorite. 10K Shoot-Out on the 22nd of May. I had come 4th in our last Multi-Format Series. Infact, my partner, Jasven Saigal won that particular tournament. So, I can say on behalf of him as well, that this is Aces Unlimited’s familiar zone 🙂

Well, with that summing up, hope you guys have registered for the FreeRolls on the 16th and 23rd? Also, hope you guys are playing the Satellite on the 30th, for a Seat and lots a Cash. All information is available on this site.


If you need more details, visit our site: [url]www.acesunlimited.net[/url] for all info. Registrations are open, and can be done here:- [url]http://bit.ly/AcesSummer[/url]

C all of you guys soon …



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Rajeev Kanjani

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