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Last cpl mnths

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2014-11-09 at 12:00 AM

Been pretty busy since last blog, just traveling a lot. Infact, I hvn’t been home in Kolkata for more than a week in last few mnths. I just got back from Macau ACOP and this was probably my last trip for this yr, actually looking forward to spending cpl mnths at home and following a good schedule, these trips do take a lot out of you, or maybe I am just not young anymore 🙂

After I got back from US, with another disappointing finish in the Borgata WPT (live tournies are pretty frustrating, but we gonna keep trying), I went straight into grinding WCOOP. US trip was pretty good overall, I was pretty tilted having not gotten my Schengen Visa on time and having to miss EPT Barcelona, so was overall satisfied that I had deep runs in Miami and Borgata, think my live game is well balanced now and I do feel very confident playing live torunaments. WCOOP fields were massive and prizepools huge, but unfortunately just had one good sweat and WCOOP main weekend was one of the worst weekends ever, probably would have been better if I had been playing online before this series but it does take little time adjusting live to online atleast for me. After WCOOP I just hungout in Mumbai with the boys and decided to go to EPT London which was starting cpl weeks after WCOOP. EPT London was not very eventful, I ended up playing 700 UKIPT Main and the Main Event and didn’t make much noise in either of them. I did really enjoy my time in London though, my first trip there, stayed with fellow Indian grinder Buzzbee85 (Rohit). He had an aprtment right across from Lord’s and was very centrally located in most happening place of town. Unfortunately it rained the entire time we were there, along with some online grinds we didnt get to do as much as outside stuff as we wud hv liked, but I really liked London and definitely seeing myself going back there much more often. Also the UK embassy gave me a sportsperson visa, which I thought was really cool. Online went pretty decent while I was in London and broke me even for the trip atleast, I also ended up playing a ton of SPIN N GO’s while there.

Got back to Kol for a week during the Diwali and then went for ACOP Macau. BBlack, Kavishk (he is 3/7 in the 15k HKD event now), AP Goel, Shanky and Donkab0mber made the trip and even though the trip was a lot of fun, as Macau always is, I ran horribly in every tournament, I played like I always do there. Pretty sure I am going to break the Macau jinx next yr.

8800 hkd event got it in on J 7 9 board with KK vs AJ and lost 30k pot 100-200
25,000 HKD WU, Lost QQ vs A4dd allin pre for 80bb pot 11 away from the money to bust 42nd
100,000 HKD Main Lost AK vs AA for 80bb pot on day 2
11,000 HKD turbo got lost 90k pot at 2-4k AT vs AA

I had planned a 10 day trip and didn’t stay for the last 8800 spadie and 15,000 event, although in future think I am gonna plan and stay the entire trip. All of us stayed at Holiday Inn which will be our preferred hotel from now on (real good butter chicken for room service). Next Macau trip will most likely be MPC 22 which should be huge and the most likely next International tournament will be Aussie Millions, another place I have never played but have heard only good things about. Next cpl mnths I have decided not to travel anywhere and instead work hard on getting healthier, I have definitely made some progress this yr and would want to be in even better shape for WSOP, it always about the WSOP, talking of which dont forget to rail the WSOP final table tonight.
Till Next time, may your premiums hold and draws be live

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Aditya Agarwal

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