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Laziness and Procrastination, A big FU to you both

Posted by Prateek Bhartia on 2013-03-11 at 12:00 AM

As a general rule of thumb, better the poker player, lazier in real life. Unfortunately there are exceptions to everything in poker, and I am an exception to that statement, wherein I am really lazy, but not really good. So since I last blogged, I havent really been putting much volume. Just been lazy, getting beat in every pot, not playing my A-game for sure. Thing is, until recently the beats never used to affect me, and I could go a month without wining a flip and not feel bad about it. But recently, every beat I take makes me want to cut the session short. just unreg everything that hasnt started. A standard day in the past month would be like this :

1) force myself to reg 4-5 MTTs and try to be positive (see what the scene is like)
2) Positiveness ends very quickly when I get 3 outered (tilt starts)
3) Unreg eveything after said 3 outer (tilt is at peak here)
4) play B/C-game in the ones I am left in (dont even care anymore, mostly ends up in massive spew)
5) ^^ 101 on how not to play MTTs

This is just so so wrong. But at least I can see what the issues are, as long as I am not lazy to implement the required changes, all should be good.
The problem here is just mental, and the only way to overcome it is by being positive. When I used to meditate and exercise, I used to find these issues way easier to deal with. Its another thing I have been procrastinating, and need to get back my metal and physical health back in shape. It is very key to playing poker, being mentally strong and sharp. Also those long grinds can be very taxing physically, and tiredness can make you do ridic stuff that you normally wouldnt, and you really dont wanna be doing that deep in an MTT (ask my collection of broken keyboards:d). Havent stopped learning tho, like frequent HH reviews, read books etc. So i need some off table work simultaneously as I try to get back in the grind. A lot of Indian guys have been doing really well lately, Also PGMP guys have been putting in some volume too, regular hand discussions, everyone is more active, more HH reviews, its a really good environment overall and I should just stop being lazy and utilize the resources.
Anyway I have managed to type out a blog, so definitely this is a step in the right direction.

Also fun stuff happening on the PokerGuru end, with Home Games being organised, daily tournaments, freerolls etc. Also there probably is a new leaderboard challenge coming up, which will last thru the MicroMillions series. If there is enough interest generated, we can prob get PokerGuru to throw in some free stuff as well (like live event seats :p). GL guys, Hope all who have read thru run stellar, others can just run decent.;)

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