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Posted by Prateek Verma on 2012-06-19 at 12:00 AM

Lately, I havnt played as much as I am used to. I had to travel to my home, and tonight I will travel to Singapore.. HongKong and seoul for next 2 weeks. I will try to play few hours of live in Seoul and Macao… didn’t had chances after that long stay during Mar-April in Goa.

There is so much I have learnt from Adis sessions recently, few key points are-
1. Shoving range at different BBs… have been able to double up at crucial points rather blinding out. (but have ran against Aces unusally a lot of times ..sick)
2. 3Bet at ante stages against LAGs and limpers. (This had been very profitable)
3. Understanding value hands to call in position
and many more…

Hand advice section has been so helpful… I haven’t posted myself many but gave my opinions to each and every one.. getting it reviewed and taking opinions from others has helped alot. I request everyone to post and comment as much as possible as you will find yourself stuck into similar situations and these long talks and discussions will come into your mind at that moment. I can almost hear adis voice in the background sometimes when 3betting..this is the spot …this is the spot. or lets try to make this “THE SPOT”. I hope it gets better with time and practice.

Since I am travelling alot, I made a simple target (for coming 2 weeks) of 50euros per day playing cash at everleaf and a decent amount of rake back every week :). In stars, I am targeting 20 2.5 SNGs 180 man in a session which usually take 2-2.5 hours at max individually.I have made many final tables but havent finished 1st in any…looking forward to get there soon.

From next week, after few more sessions about late stages play, I will start playing MTTs thoroughly. I am very excited for the same and hope to make lot of FTs :). A lot of players from the program are playing exceptionally well and getting great results… congratulations to them and they inspire us to achieve even more.

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Prateek Verma

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