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Let the mentoringgg…BEGIN!

Posted by Krishna Ravishankar on 2012-11-10 at 12:00 AM

So yes, 2 weeks into pgmp, the mentoring has begun in earnest.
The reason i write this blog is to inform you about a sicko we have in pgmp batch 2.0 who goes by the name Dharam”Dvcoolster”Paaji.
After just 2 weeks into pgmp, this guy goes ahead and SHIPS the Hot 11 on Stars for $11k!! Yes you heard right..SHIPS! If you have played any online poker at all, you will know how hard it is to actually final table a 3000player+ mtt let alone ship it! (Thats the effect even 2 skype sessions can have on your results if you have the commitment)

Alright, being in the same class as this beast obviously seems a little intimidating now. But dont sit back n relax DV. We’r gonna come back and beast out ourselves. You might’ve got the first laugh but you sure as fuck aint gettin the last! haha..jokes apart, big congrats buddy!

Sadly, i cant play online till the 22nd of November..need to sort out some stuff before that..but expect me to put in insane volume the next month and hopefully rungood. Will post results and interesting hand histories for discussion as and when they come up.

Signing off now..happy diwali you guys!
may the flop be with you

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Krishna Ravishankar

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