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Live Games and a bit of Online grind

Posted by ashutoshnaik on 2012-05-20 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys,

I am really enjoying blogging as a part of the PGT Mentorship program and talking to intervention has opened up some new vistas of thinking which I could not even think of before, and I am looking forward to the next few weeks of the program.

On the online side, I was pretty break even last week. *I did have a deep run in the *big 5.5 but a few other subsequent non cashes put me back into black. I didn’t do any volume *though, just *Played maybe like 5-6 tourneys, so its*Nothing great to talk about. I am thinking of focusing on the tournaments with 15 minute blind levels in the $20 to $50 buyin range once I recommence online grinding, the week after apt. I am also thinking of getting my hand history reviewed by intervention when he has the time.

On the live front, the week was slightly better for me. On the first day, *I played pretty awful in the UPC 10k satellite, which I bubbled before a deal was made, and didn’t play too well*in the subsequent UPC 10k event either. I was looking good to cash out in the UPC 10k event,’since I had more than doubled *up early on.*The reason for double up was that I had managed*To get on the nerves of a player. On one of the hands, the table limped, I raised from small blind with rags, everyone except the villain folded who was utg plus 2. He was 4k behind and there was close to 1.5k in the pot. The flop was 8 4 4. I knew my image for small blind raise was strong so I put him a decision for half of his chips, and he insta *shoved on which I insta mucked. He showed an 8 n the unfortunate flop didn’t help me. However I did a lot of table talk , and a couple of hands later I pick*Up aces, I 3 bet the same player
N he got it in bad*With king queen off, preflop.

However I played *the last hand bad. I was card dead for 3 rounds so decide to take a stab with jack 5 off. Raised from late position with antes, small blind flatted. On the flop of Ac 4c 5h, action was checked to me, I bet slightly more than *half the pot and got called. The Turn was Qc. Action went check check, and the river was 2c, giving*Me the second nut flush. The player who was playing really bad till this point, bet 1k in a pot of 7k I was 9k*Behind n so was she. I raised her to 3 and she shoved. I should have folded then which I did not and she had the nut flush. It was hard for her to bluff in this spot, but i had to call 6k in a pot of 19, which meant i had to be right once in 3 times, to make it a profitable call in the long run, but I should have folded following my instincts. Played cash *After that and *was break even on cash games on the first day.

The second day was good for me as along with a good cash session, I also managed to win a seat in the apt main event mega satellite. I am really looking forward to the apt main event this time, as I could not play it the last time. Also I am focusing on live cash games too this week. I do not want to ignore cash games as they are very important especially to generate buyins for tournaments. Given, the variance in tournaments, you can go long streaks without cashing *out, despite playing good. However the challenge is to get into the cash game frame of mind, which is really very different from the tournament frame of mind. Despite trying our best, we are sometimes subconsciously in the tourney frame of mind after a cash game n vice versa, so need to focus extra when playing them back to back.

Well, that’s it from me for now and hope to run good at the apt main event. I suggest everyone reading this *to think about playing the main event as it easily has the biggest prize pool in*India so far for a 50k buyin event, with the first prize likely to be in the 25 Lakhs range.

Cheers for now and may the flop be with you!

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