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Posted by Arjanveer Singh on 2020-04-10 at 4:31 PM

Hello everyone, I am back with yet another blog. Firstly, I want to share a short update on my progress since my last blog. I am staying healthy, eating healthy but have neglected exercising for a while. Don’t wanna make any excuses for it, so I will be resuming that very soon. Poker wise, its been a very fruitful 2020 for me. I started off the year with a bang by shipping a couple of majors on PokerBaazi and Adda52. Then had a very profitable IOPC, where I did very well in the small events. Shipped a couple of small ones but couldn’t win the big ones.

After this, came a small lull for a month and then back on winning ways with a hot streak running from the last 30 days or so. So, I’m very happy where I am with my game. Also, a special mention to PokerGuru Staking as I completed a successful year with them this past month. Kartik, Maddy, and Vikram all have been really helpful with whatever was needed by me. Auffkourse Adi is the main force behind guiding me in the evolution of my game. No one can come close to what he does.

Now, coming to the matter at hand – the Coronavirus situation. I, along with my friend Ashish Ahuja (rocky), had moved in an apartment on the outskirts of our hometown Chandigarh just a couple of days before the lockdown. During the lockdown, the first few days were tough as getting supplies was a little difficult here, but after that, everything was fine. Both of us been crushing online since :).

We all should feel fortunate that we have a home and a family to count back on during this tough period. There are so many people who work far away from their homes and whose livelihood depends on daily wages. They have absolutely no idea what to do and what to expect in the near future as I don’t think this is going away anytime soon.

Also, we should try and cherish the time spent with our families and loved ones as who knows when you’re gonna get another time like this where everyone is together 24*7. Stay home, stay safe, and play poker responsibly. Don’t go overboard as it will be the temptation, considering there’s nothing much to do. Hopefully, everything will be better soon.


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Arjanveer Singh

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