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Main Event Day 1

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-07-10 at 12:00 AM

Played day 1c of the main event and ended up getting pretty similar field to last cpl yrs, which was very encouraging, I was worried that there might be a big drop in numbers this year. Total field is around 6600 with 666 getting paid atleast 19,227$ and first being 8.5 million.

I had probably one of the toughest starting tables, Chainsaw was on my table and this his tweets from yesterday:

allen kessler ‏@AllenKessler
Playing @wsop main event day 1c none other than @luckboxjuanda john juanda sits down to my left, then online legend intervention joins in.

allen kessler ‏@AllenKessler
Im at the @pokernews table of doom @ wsop main event 1c euro pro chris brammer @TheTmay @luckboxjuanda intervention and billy pilossoph

Jennifer Harman came and filled one of the three soft spots on the table towards end of the day. I started off pretty bad loosing every hand and was down to 16k at first break. Things turned around when I opened 89o in late position and dbl barrelled 7c 2 c 5d Ad board and got there 6h on river and got paid. I flopped a set of 44’s against Juanda (he played exceptionally well throughout the day) and won a big pot on 458K2 board where he bet- bet- check/folded river. I doubled to 90k when I flopped a set of JJ on J56dd board in a 3bet pot against KK and held (we got it in on the flop). After that I won AKss vs QQ for another 15k and reached my peak of 105k at 150-300, this was at dinner break and I was one of the CL at that time. After dinner things went really bad, I didnt win one big pot in the last 4 hrs, table was playing pretty nitty and it was very difficult getting any chips from any of them, the soft spots had already gone bust or gotten very shortstacked. I lost 24hh vs q8hh on A38hh flop for 15k, lost Ak vs Juanda’s QQ for 15k (he cud hv busted me this hand but just flatted my 3b), lost 10k with AQ vs 55 allin pre to shorty and then made some thin calls and was wrong and ran into top of their range each time. I definitely didn’t play my best last one hr and spewed away another 10-15k which I could have easily saved and taken into day 2. luckily this is the best structured tournament in the world and I still hv plenty to work with, gonna be much more fresh and relaxed going into day 2. We start at 250-500 (50) on day 2 giving me 70bbs, its a long journey, will be updating each day I make it thru.

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Aditya Agarwal

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