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Men on a mission

Posted by Kunal Chandra on 2011-07-16 at 12:00 AM

The day I joined the PokerGuru team, Adi had mentioned to me what his vision was for the Indian poker scene. He wanted to work really hard towards the growth of this game in the country.At the time,the only way for a regular guy to know whats going on in Goa was through some random groups on facebook and nothing really seemed in place. That’s when PokerGuru.in came in as the only information portal dedicated to Indian poker scene.What PokerGuru did then is for everyone to see,almost all the series’s in Goa saw record numbers each time all thanks to the selfless deeds from a dedicated team whose only motive was to popularise the game in India.

We’ll see another first from PokerGuru, a rake free tournament series for the first time “PokerGuru Tour”. This team in their efforts and offerings have time and again proved that their only motive is to make poker huge in India. All the tournaments have good looking guarantees and I am pretty sure some serious records will be broken that weekend. If you’ve ever played in Goa or plan to play, this one should not be missed.

Whole PokerGuru team will be in Goa for the series and immediately after the series WCOOP starts on PokerStars, which most of us will grind together. Loads of poker action coming up in September, we might also see some renowned international players during this time in Goa. You can also check out the online satellite schedule on the site where you can qualify for the tournaments very cheap. Hope to see everyone in Goa during the “PokerGuru Tour” to get a taste of REAL tournaments!

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Kunal Chandra

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