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Mental Fitness is my priority

Posted by Rohit Mishra on 2018-11-27 at 8:27 AM

Hey everyone, Today I will be sharing my thoughts about metal fitness related to poker. The thing that I have realized is that it should be our number one priority as a player. So I have started cultivating habits like Trekking, yoga, been playing different sports to keep my mind always fresh and ready. There are so many things that we can do off the table that can affect our in-game decision making . And I am not talking about learning strategies and reviewing HH which obviously all of us do. But things that can get your mind to that level of genius where u just know what to do in every situation on the table, don’t even have to think twice. It obviously takes a lot of experience and study to reach that level. But good metal health can be a catalyst to it.

Some tips would be:
Daily Physical exercise
Eating food rich in nutrients essential for brain health
Read a lot of news and current affairs. Knowledge helps us think and analyze.
Get involved in some form of art/craft as it makes us creative.
Make time for your hobby. Its very important to keep our mind happy.
Play mental games. Any sort of exercise that stimulates thinking.
Make your thought process clear.

There are so many cognitive errors we as humans do on a daily basis. So many that it has become a habit. And these habits are the constraints which make it difficult to succeed.
Signing off now. Would like to recommend a book for everyone to read: “The Art of thinking Clearly” by Rolf Dobelli
Its a million copy bestseller and I guess a must read for everyone.

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Rohit Mishra

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