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Missed you too, Final Table!

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-09-03 at 12:00 AM

So finally after a month of run bad or play bad, I get to a final table. This was a 5.5 1K cap tournament. Not filled with pride though as played some hands terri-bad on the final table. Going through the review, a couple of hands I chickened out or played too fancy. One hand really hurt me as it was against the guy who finally won the tournament (I finished in 3rd place).

I in fact played 2 hands really poorly against that villain. In one I just flatted AQo 5-handed from the BB. Then took a real fancy line of flat, c/r turn and barrelling river on a board which I hoped he would think would hit my range. The other hand I am actually even embarrassed to put it here since it is so basic an error. I 3b/f AQs to the same villains (38bb) early open 8 handed. Tch Tch Tch.

Went into the FT as the CL and thought I would just boss about. More often than not I did (boss it), but didn’t change gears when encountering resistance. Yes, changing gears doesn’t always mean going into higher ones. Sometimes you have to shift to lower ones and nit it up a bit if your image has taken a thrashing. But I was having too much fun getting into a sort of pissing contest (3b/4b-ing light) with the villain. The villain as it turned out was quite a capable player who has like 400K in winnings, has 50% ROI and is still in the WCOOP event no.2 tournament at 40th place where Adi is at 19th out of 133 players left. The event is a 2-day one so it will be starting again at 12 midnight today. Some of us had the privilege of sweating him live yesterday. Most of us will be railing him tonight also so do join in the fun.

Anyway, the thing is the few times I have reached the FT of a micro tournament, usually I have found players nitting it up, waiting for pay jumps and they are easily exploitable. Frankly I was not ready to run into resistance or a capable player. Anyway this has served as a good experience (at a cost though 🙁 ).

I couldn’t play much this week as had an out of town trip midweek (excuses lol). The sessions with Adi on the post-flop scenarios are really going well. I am sure most of us have had a sharp-ish upward turn in our learning curve. Still around 3-4 sessions are left. Looking forward to them.

Good Luck to Adi tonight and others from Team India grinding the WCOOP’s !!

Till next week then..

Cheers !!

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Vinay Suchede

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