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Monsoons in India

Posted by indiapokerseries on 2011-06-18 at 12:00 AM

Hello friends

As usual, I am making my blog post after an interval of a month. And this time I had to wait for a topic for the same and I got it yesterday when Monsoons finally hit the East Coast of the country as well. It was a wait of 3 weeks almost before it first hit the South and West and now finally the East.

The rains are lashing all cities and Kolkata witnessed it first Monsoon shower yesterday and the authorities were not prepared for it and we saw all round water logging and the city came to a stand still. The other cities have got their share of rains already.

Goa the Mecca for gambles and beach lovers have been seeing such rains since the first week of June and it continues to lash the small western state which is a huge tourist attraction. The months during the peak summer and the monsoons become low tourist season as there is a smaller footfall during these months of June to Sept and it starts to pick up only in October.

The Casino activity is the main attraction during these months. Tournament organizers are the ones who are most affected by it. But that does not deter them from holding events. In the period of June to Sept which is a full fledged 4 months, Goa will witness atleast 2 tournaments each month. Wishing all organizers and players good luck for the same.

Signing off

Bharat Agarwalla

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