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My poker journey

Posted by Sahil Rajwani on 2019-02-18 at 7:40 AM

I want to start off by saying that my poker journey has been really exciting from the beginning .I started playing poker when i was 16 after my one of my friends introduced me to it…i have always liked playing games of which involved skill ..my friend taught me the basics of poker and then i started playing on zynga for free money.

I played a lot there and i explored that it is not gambling at all and its a game of skill.i couldnt play for real money as i was underage …so i kept playing there and pratice more and more poker…i enjoyed the game so much ..as it involved reading people and patience and these things which i liked the most.

I read brunson’s super system and started watching videos of hime on youtube..i was so excited when watch these videos of pros competing with each other in the WSOP main event.

This year i turned 18 in April and made my account on all the poker sites and started playing for real money.. its a very nice starting year for me in poker..and i m working hard on my game everyday..The GAME CHANGER tournament is like my dream to win ..mostly i want to compete with the best players in India and gain the experience..I would also like to thank PokerGuru who is giving us this oppotrtunity to get free ticket for this tournament.


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Sahil Rajwani

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