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My shot at makin it large!! S1 ep2 – Crossroads

Posted by Rajit Kumar on 2012-11-21 at 12:00 AM

I know I mentioned in my previous blog that this series will be only about poker…but something has come up and I really wanna share it wid u guys..Havent played even a bit since i blogged last..I have been thinking since a long time to quit my job and start something on my own..Dat ways il have more time for grinding as well (like right now i just hav 2 hrs a day except Sundays)…

So after Diwali I was headed back to Bombay for work..Planned to stay in Delhi at a friend’s..nd dis is what happened..V got shit drunk…nd v were just discussing how unhappy I am wid d job and everythin.. Nd den I took a bold decision to tell my dad what i wanted.. (I am just 23,so it is quite bold for me to tell them that i wanna quit).. He has called me back to Jalandhar (home town).. I am hopin he understands what i mean..My mom s gonna go crazy..scared to face her… vil keep u guys posted..

Wish me luck guys.. Nd ya..congrats antilog.. Jus read abt ur win.. Its high time I ship somethin.. wont take long..Have to just clear my mind of dis thing first…

ps-There must b odr ppl here who are at d same crossroad as me… Wat r u guys doing?? Is it really crazy to give up a nice payin job to start up something on ur own (its my childhood dream to b an entrepreneur!!! crazy haan) and majorly to have alot of time to play poker?? cz seriously speakin I dnt hav d results to show that m a winning player..

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Rajit Kumar

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