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Posted by Olli Wirkkunen on 2012-08-09 at 12:00 AM

Lots of interesting stuff going on in the poker world again.
We have the recovery of Full tilt coming up which has taken so long that I can’t even remember
my login credentials for the site anymore. The only really negative thing about this is
that poker stars by buying FTP will have even more power over poker industry, which I think should be spread out to more companies.

WCOOP is almost here too, always great action and good payouts in big events like this. Will be very interesting.
I’m not sure if and what I will play, have other plans for the moment, but I guess I will end up grinding some of the lower buy in events.

And here in Goa, we have our government vs. Casinos battle going on.
Our beloved chief minister has changed the rules for casinos once again, no persons under the age of 21 are allowed at casinos (I guess same as before?)
and he wants a ban for goans from entering the casinos too, actually not just Goans but all non-tourists.
As far as I understood, they had already passed the the new rules last week, but the good news is
they have already been challenged in the high court. More to come about this issue.

And me, my last live game was at PGT 5K and the satellite for high roller.
The 5K I think I played quite okay but it wasn’t quite enough, finished around 15th.
Sumit, Laveena and Nitish had good runs and played very well from what I could see. GG to you guys.

Online I have started to play cash games again. Have played a cpl of thousand hands on .5/1NL 6 handed which is going good.
6 handed cash game is the only cash game I like. It is always easy to get action and people play these games much looser.
Hopefully I will have a nice graph to put up here in a cpl of weeks.

I have made some changes in playing tourneys too. first of all, I am not multi tabling with so many tables anymore,
I play much better and go much deeper when I play with 1-3 tables then with 6-8.
The second big difference is my game. I am playing a very loose game now, Hyper-LAG is a pretty mild word for the stuff I do online,
and it works out fine too. I make more deep runs then before, and when I go deep I tend to be there with a big stack. This wasn’t as common before as it is now.
That’s all for me now.


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Olli Wirkkunen

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