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Old habits

Posted by Olli Wirkkunen on 2012-06-12 at 12:00 AM

Old habits can be hard to break at the poker table sometimes. I have learned this during last 2 weeks on PokerStars and the mentorship program.
I have been grinding micro SnGs and MTTs almost everyday last cpl of weeks.
And there has been a lot of experimenting with all the new stuff Adi is teaching us. Mainly our short stacked strategies and 3 betting strategies. Some of these strategies have been conflicting with my old playing habits especially when I play 4 tables or more. 4 tables+ puts me into autopilot mode and I don’t always think enough before pushing the button.
I have not been winning anything lately though, a few deep runs, a cpl of ITMs but in overall been on a loosing streak for the last week or so..
Gonna re-read our strategies today and start a new poker week tonight..

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Olli Wirkkunen

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