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On My Poker Journey & PokerGuru Staking

Posted by Rony Chowdhury on 2019-03-07 at 11:44 AM

Hi guys! I’m Biswadip (Rony) Chowdhury. I play with username “bisadip176” on most sites. I have been playing poker with real money over four years nearly and I am playing this game professionally for over one and half years. I joined PokerGuru Staking (formerly AceJack stable) few months back where I was being coached by Kartik “theinternetkid” Ved. Recently I have been moved to Aditya Agarwal’s (aka “intervention”) batch.
As for my poker journey, I was introduced to the game courtesy Freerecharge.in :-p. I was recharging my number and I got a sign up code on Adda52.com and i joined. I got ₹200 and sat down at a ₹5/₹10 NLH table (although that time i didn’t know what is NLH.PLO or what is poker even) and turned it into ₹600+ real money and I was happily surprised when I saw there was a withdrawal option. From there I got hooked to poker. Later I downloaded some free Android poker app just to know how to play this game. As it takes “Five minutes to learn, a lifetime to master”, I feel, I still don’t know many intricacies of poker.
I started playing freeroll on various sites and made some real money, my first real cash table was ₹0.25/₹.50 on starpoker where i turned my ₹5K bankroll to ₹28K by just playing ₹0.25/₹0.50. So yeah, if you grind hard it’s possible to make money from poker even on lower stake too. Slowly, I moved up the stakes up to ₹10/₹20, ₹25/₹50 NLH.
In this journey I was part of several site`s as a player. First I was chosen as Pokermania’s (JD Sir’s site) Team Pro by topping one month cash challenge.
It was 6 months as a part of Pokermania when Gujarat government banned online poker sites and sites had to shut down and so did our agreement with Pokermania. Soon after, I joined FTRPOKER Pro team also by winning a cash game contest. It also went for 3-4 months. After that I was playing on my own mostly on PokerBaazi cash game and occasionally tournaments.
Like every Indian poker player, I also dreamt of playing in Goa casinos and then Vegas. I won the Vegas package on PokerBaazi but unfortunately, my visa got rejected due to several reasons.
But later on that year I went to Goa and played the LIVE tournament on Baadshah Gaming which was my first live poker event. Surprisingly, I chopped the Opening ₹10K buy-in event with Aditya Kumar and min-cashed the next two-day event.
Thereon I wanted to play more tournaments. But tournaments have a lot of variance and require a lot of strategy on various stack depths which was very hard to adopt for me as a cash game player. In cash games we always play 100BB+ deep. So I was looking for coaching plus staking for tournaments and this is when I joined AceJack stable which was changed recently to “PokerGuru Staking.” Kartik (Ved) gave me several sessions and if i had any doubts on any hands I posted it on PokerGuru staking thread, and I got answers from several crushers like “rocky007”, “rohit22rm.” I am also benefitting from healthy strategy discussions which are much needed for every poker player. You just can’t master it by buying poker courses from top sites. You need a group of people where you can discuss your and others’ thought process, since this helps a lot as a player.
So after 6 months on Kartik’s (Ved) mentorship now I have been moved to Adi’s (Aditya Agarwal) batch. Adi has taken three sessions till now, and I’m really looking forward to upcoming sessions with him!

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Sourabh Singh
2 years ago

join karne ke liye kuch money dena padega kya sir ji

Rony Chowdhury

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