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One call changed all

Posted by Rajnish Kumar on 2012-03-28 at 12:00 AM

This is my second blog. as i previously told our poker train starts now our aim is to look for major station and final destination. we keep playing regularly and mean while always discuss
how to meet with “POKER GURU TEAM”. only reason for this is ” IF ANY BODY LOOKING FOR CAREER IN POKER IN INDIA, I THINK THIS TEAM IS BEST OPTION”. And finally that day comes
and thanks to NITISH GUPTA who won satellite .
Early Morning he told me “GOA CALLING” come. I was surprised and excited to meet with poker guru team. Because with winning satellite he also got 1 hour session with ADITYA AGARWAL. : rolleyes:

BUT my problem is expense in GOA. TWO day before PGT i called RAJAT AGARWAL and never expected i got this much positive response. He told ” BUDDY COME TO GOA( YEHA AANE K BAAD BAHUT KUCH CHANGE HOO JATA HAI) “. I got my answer ,Booked ticket. And next Day i was on the way.
Next Day was my happiest day of my life I was in front of ” POKER GURU TEAM”. ADITY AGARWAL, AMIT VERMA, SANGEETH SAMOH all others . when i saw them first time, nervous, shocked, excited all feeling comes.
Somehow i controlled my self, and our session start with them .
we told everything to them .
On the other side seats for 5 K event allotted to us. Biggest fear for me comes at my table i found ADITYA AGARWAL, AMIT VERMA, ABHISHEK GOINDI on my table. really guys that time i was feeling like a ” Rabbit sitting in front of three lions “
To be Continued…

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Rajnish Kumar

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