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One Full year with PokerGuru

Posted by Ankit Wadhawan on 2020-03-09 at 3:39 PM

Not much of a writer but as I complete a year with PokerGuru Staking, I want to talk about my journey so far – It has been a fun ride overall.(Also, this was made compulsory by Adi so I had no choice). Be it playing live or online, I have been doing well. I would like to mention my achievements but as you all know Rajat Agarwal and Co.(Pokerguru) has been doing a very good job at reporting them. My intention of joining PG was to improve my game and that surely feels to be on track. I thought joining a stable and sharing profits would not be a good idea but after one year, I can tell you, I wouldn’t have achieved whatever I have in such a short span of time without the help of Adi and the team. I am grateful to have a mentor like Aditya Agarwal. He is a hard worker and is always up to date with what is going on in the game. His dedication towards the game and his students is both motivating and inspiring. It is incredible to get this experience first hand. He truly leads by example.

Having people like Lungi bhai and Maddy (meddyPOO) is top top. They have always been so positive and encouraging. There is never a dull moment when these guys are around. Kartik leads the pack with full power. Besides being a beast on the felts, he runs the stable smoothly. Initially, there were a few hiccups but its been upward and onward since. I have been to Vietnam and Cambodia with them and they have always been there for me. I haven’t felt out of place ever since I have joined the team which I am very happy about. Good, happy, optimistic people – that is just what one can ask for.

Now coming to the players – Laksh Pal (aLPee) is an old and a dear friend of mine who got me enrolled into PokerGuru. He has always been around and has supported me throughout. Ashish Munot (kawa) is one player I have always looked up to. He helps me out, clears my doubts and runs some pio shizz for me. Ashish Ahuja (Rocky3705) and I played cash games in Chandigarh a long time back – we have been thick since. I can call him up at 5 am post session and irritate him. There are 15 more players in the team. All of them are top top – helpful, cordial and very passionate about the game. Just so that everyone knows, we are very competitive on the tables, we end up punting our stacks against each other. There are dynamics, always.

Talking about myself,I always wanted a fixed, disciplined routine so that I get time to workout and study everyday apart from our sessions with Adi. To be honest, I am keeping up with it. I have skipped 4-5 close friends’ weddings just to stay in routine and focussed. No RAGRETS! My aim is to play at the topmost level. For that, I really need to keep working on my game as well as my fitness and health. It takes anything and everything to get to the top, I feel and I am up for it. I genuinely am grateful for everything.

See you at the tables, guys. GLGL! It’s a GG scene!

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Ankit Wadhawan

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