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Pgmp 2 coming up

Posted by Olli Wirkkunen on 2012-10-08 at 12:00 AM

So we completed all the MTT lessions with Adi and we are just doing hand histories now.
It has been a wonderful journey together with other dedicated players, that have been willing
to put some time and energy into learning to play poker.

PokerGuru Mentorship program II is up for next
PGMP is a great opportunity for all players who wish to learn the deeper aspects of MTT play.
and if you didn’t sign up for the program yet, think again.

For my part, the preflop strategies we have been going through have totally changed my way of playing and thinking
about poker. All the other stuff is very good too, but this is my biggest change since we started working with PGMP.

I have only been playing short sessions lately, and things seem to work out but very slow..
Gonna continue with HH reviews and and playing accordingly!!! to my bankroll for some time and hopefully
update you with some good news.


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Olli Wirkkunen

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