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Posted by Ninad K on 2013-07-17 at 12:00 AM

Woow..that was a real bad news ..no PGMP3. Well, I do understand the feelings of Adi but I still sincerely hope that he changes his mind. I do completely agree with Adi when he says that he is ready to teach only when he sees the dedication and commitment to give back to PG community. However, I am not sure if writing blogs and posting on forum is a good way to measure that especially from those who are somewhat new and don’t have the skills to comment on the subject.

I guess everyone has different skills in them and not everyone is good at blogging. Personally, I don’t want to write about my goals that surely no one would be interested to know or write about my progress in a 2.5$ turbo MTT or write about some great new technique in poker or be skillfull enough as Samohh and write some great blogs that would make anyone laugh..still remember his blog on Macau trip and calling the Hongkong airport staff as weak in dumb charades. Posting Hand Advice, I agree is something that most of us should be doing but commenting on that should be left to only those who have gone through the program or have the skills. Somehow I do have a bad habit of just letting it go when I lose a hand rather than look back and wonder if I should have played it differently.

IMO, my suggestion to Adi is to identify different tasks that can be performed to help the PG community and then let those who are interested in PGMP3 take any one of the tasks and submit it along with his/her application. Adi can then select applicants based on how much effort the applicant have put in their tasks. It might probably give him a better idea on who really needs it badly and are ready for the commitment. Some of the areas and tasks might be..

1. Video Creation – Create a 30min compilation video of some of the best hands played.
2. Powerpoint – make a good powerpoint presentation of basic poker skills
3. Content Writer – give a topic and ask to do research and submit
4. Organize – help in organizing the live PGT event or city meet-ups
5. Ideate – submit plan to achieve a certain PG goal
6. Blogs – share experiences that might help others
7. Website/graphics – some help that might be required in this area
8. Promote – get more users onto PG

Above is just a suggestion from my side. Adi, you are in the best position to decide. I do hope you rethink on the program. Thanks.

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Ninad K

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