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PGOL & Micro Millions !!!!

Posted by shashank.s on 2012-07-12 at 12:00 AM

I’ve had a pretty good week poker wise, put in some decent volumes. Was also able to manage a couple of deep runs. The highlight of the week though was the PokerGuru Online League which drew a field of 58 players, which was surprising considering the buy-in. Was looking forward to this one as a bunch of us from the PGMP had decided we would play.

I started off pretty bad, was all over the place. Was finally able to settle down & build a stack, got a huge double up early on which set me up nicely;
Opened J’s with 4.5K in UTG+1…..CO who had a stack 6Kish re-raise jams with AKs ….. I call & they hold. From here on I played really aggressively, opening a lot of pots ….. in all honesty I was running really good, hit boards with almost 90% of my opens & more importantly got paid off each time. With 30 players left I was among the CL’s. Another big hand that I was involved in happened around the FT bubble;
Opened Qd3d from BTN & Babai009 (CL) flats in SB ….. Flop: 5c Td 4h, I call 1.8K ….. Turn: 9d, I call 1.8K ….. River: Jd ….. I re-raise 1.8K to 7K n get paid off ……. FT action started off very slowly, with none of us really taking any risks. Knocked out 2 shorts stacks, after i called with AQs from the button, this followed bunch of eliminations in quick succession, HU action was against fellow PGMP player Arj1985…. I held 2/3rds of the chips in play to begin with…….. Arjun bought it back to even stacks ….. In the final hand Arjun 3-bet shoved A2s after I opened AKs & it held.
GG Arjun !!!!

With that win I have a healthier BR to play the Micro Millions, which starts later tonight. Looking forward to playing as many events as possible, should be loads of fun considering how good some of the structures are. I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to satellite my way to as many events as possible, currently registered for 9 events, including the ME (which has a $1 Million GTD, CRAZY !!!). Also looking forward to playing the Ante Up & Big Ante events at the MM’s (there are a bunch of these in the schedule), never played these before …… According to Adi they involve a lot of strategy….. so will be trying to figure these out, lets see how that goes.

Congratulations to Adi, for an amazing run at the WSOP. 5 events played, 2 cashes, both deep……
Hats off to you Sir !!!!!

Until the next time ……

Cheers !!!

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